What is the meaning of dancing in dream in Islam?

Seeing yourself dancing in a dream has a special meaning in Islam. The meaning of dancing in a dream differs depending upon the situation. 

1- Generally, dancing in a dream is a sign of facing a calamity.

2- Dancing in joy signifies happiness.

3- Dancing on a raised platform such as a table, stage, or a hill shows that the person will end up in a fight.

seeing yourself dancing in dream in Islam4- Dancing for someone in a dream indicates that the problem will be shared with the person one is dancing for.

5- If a sick person sees himself dancing joyfully, it indicates that he will recover soon and enjoy a long life.

6- If one sees in a dream that they are pulled from a dancing circle, as per Islam it indicates;

  • the upcoming misfortune will not harm them or;
  • the false accusations upon them would be levied.

7- If a prisoner sees himself dancing in a dream, it indicates that he will enjoy freedom soon.

8- Seeing a child dancing, such a child may lose the ability to speak or may become dumb.

9- Seeing a woman dancing in a dream shows that she will be made subject to a scandal.

10- Dancing on the road indicates that you ought to face difficulties and hardships during their travel.

11- Seeing your own shadow dancing in a dream reflects inner evils or committing evil deeds as per Islam.

  • The shadow dancing on a carpet reflects that evil spirits have been invoked and indicates trials and evils in the future.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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