Internet Rules in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia and its laws have always been a subject of discussion among curious people. Especially the laws which are heavily influenced by religious principles. This is why we always come back to see the changes in their internet laws.

Since the internet is always changing, there is this curiosity to understand how the laws are changing with the alteration.

The type of entertainment that is allowed for streaming, and the privacy laws.

What is the state of cybercrime! However, if you are also curious or just want to increase your knowledge about different media, then you have reached the right place. This is where you will be getting all of the information about Saudi Arabia Laws.

Laws And Regulation Of Saudi Arabia

Here are the newly reformed laws of Saudi Arabia. These laws went through some changes after the surge in the data breach and violation of privacy over the internet.

There is some content that is restricted from downloading; you cannot even access Torrent. However, if you still want to access this content, try using pirate bay with a VPN and not upload anything in the domain.

Now, here are the laws.

1. Essential Cyber Security Controls

These are the minimum cybersecurity requirements that KSA companies need to comply with in order to have virtual data. This is because data in the cloud has become a very common phenomenon.

  • There are certain things that a KSA company has to ensure in order to follow all the protocols with CSS. This is to ensure that no illegal activities are being carried on or the data is under iron-clad protection.
  • Data Mapping Exercise keeps records of all the employees’ personal data, processes them with proper regulation, and then transfers them to the virtual space.
  • The employees also have a right to know the reason behind the collection of the data and know where it is stored.
  • Employees working should also be fully trained with the high-tech cloud storage technologies. Plus, regular checking is mandatory so that they are not breached.
  • The government should also know about the technologies used for this data storage. Additionally, all these contracts will be reviewed first before permitted.
  • Every record of every data and the employees working in the company have to be submitted for government compliance.
  • They have to be a tested action plan [tested by the government] to recover and combat a cyber security breach. This action plan is decided by the company and then permitted by the government.

2. Personal Data Protection Law

This is a reform made after the surge of personal data breaches over the internet. This is a new law that will be implemented officially in March 2022. The surprising body is the Saudi Arabian Authority For Data and Artificial Intelligence [SDAIA].

One of the biggest reforms made for foreign companies who are penetrating the Saudi Arabian internet space. These privacy laws would be integrated into their work, i.e., any social media company has to comply with these laws.

Personal data of every KSA resident will be physically stored with the government, and they have removed the ‘legitimate interest,’ which would legitimize data processing without consent.

3. Personal Data Interim Regulation

This is to protect the rights of the individuals over the internet domain. There are a set of regulation laws that talk about the things which are allowed and restricted over the internet.

Data security principles and Monitoring and Compliance also come under this law.

Reformed Laws!

Now that you have learned some of the new reforms in the internet laws of Saudi Arabia, we are sure you have noticed some of the exponential changes that have come in their laws.

Government is now more concerned about corporate data and privacy rather than restricting everything.

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