Instead of paying a petrol bill of SR 65, he killed the Pakistani Expat

The 26-year-old young Pakistani Mohammad Shamrez who used to work at a petrol station was killed for SR 65.

Shamrez worked as an attendant at a fuel station in Abqaiq Governorate in Eastern Province. He lost his life while chasing some motorists who refused to pay the gas bill of SR 65 after getting gas filled in their vehicle.

4272 Instead of paying him petrol bill worth SR 65, he killed Pakistani Expat 01

How did it happen?

Shamrez asked for money from the motorists, a 17-year-old Saudi, and his friends including a GCC national. 

Shamrez climbed at the backside of their car when they tried to rush their vehicle without paying the bill and during the struggle and high speed of the car, he fell from the car and got severely injured.

Shamrez was immediately moved to the hospital in Dammam. He suffered serious injuries to his head and was later declared brain dead after he failed to respond to the treatment. Later, he succumbed to his injuries.

The culprits have been arrested

The cruel motorist tried to speed away with the car but police were able to arrest them and referred them to the authorities.

Police reported that all the arrested motorists have been referred to the public prosecution except one who is 17 years old, he was sent to the Juvenile home.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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