Instagram For Business: How Do Bots Affect Your Growth?

Let’s be honest – managing your Instagram account, and your business can be pretty challenging, especially for a single person. It’ll still be quite tricky if you are considering hiring a social media manager for your purpose.

So, how do you solve this situation?

If you have an adequate amount of budget, you can always hire a distinctive social media team for your purpose. However, doing the same for an SME would be nearly impossible. Therefore, for them, using an Instagram bot will be the best course of action. 

But, what are they? How do they help you improve your engagement quota on Instagram? Do they impact your business negatively? 

Let’s keep reading to find out more about it. 

What Are Instagram Bots? 

An Instagram bot is an online program that helps you complete fundamental tasks like commenting, liking, performing instagram story views, and following people. This indirectly improves the overall number of followers on the platform. Let us explain how. 

If programmed correctly, the bot will visit people’s accounts, follow them, like their pictures, and leave proper comments under the same. This way, your chance of approaching new people and boosting engagement on social media will increase even more. 

You can prompt the bot to follow the accounts of your followers to show how much you appreciate them. These programs may also be used for raising awareness and growing followers in an organic manner. Suppose you want to increase Arabic Instagram followers then you can rely on a bot to grow your follower base on that continent. 

How Does An Instagram Bot Affect Your Account?

While it may seem otherwise, the Instagram bots aren’t perfect by any means. Thus, if you aren’t careful, they might impact your online presence negatively. 

Here’s what you need to know about it. 

Create An Uncomfortable Situation

Unlike a real person, an Instagram bot will not take account of the sensitivity of the caption or context of a photo. They are only programmed to like or comment on posts depending on the hashtags you have provided.

However, there’s no way to control what they’re doing. Thus, in some cases, they can end up writing something that may lead to an awkward circumstance.

For example, a bot might see a man’s picture of being depressed and comment “wonderful!” on it, as it doesn’t understand the context. These types of occurrences can tarnish your online image massively and affect your social media following too.

Can Affect On The Long Run

No matter how plausible it might seem, the essence of human interaction cannot be replaced by a bot. Therefore, no matter how carefully you craft the comments, the reader will understand that it’s not from a real person.

It can discourage the overall engagement in your audience, which, sequentially, might decrease your general followers.

In addition, to keep your users engaged with your business or profile, you’ll have to converse with them appropriately. It won’t be possible when you are using bots.

Does Not Follow Instagram’s Terms Of Use 

Most Instagram bots are unofficial to some extent, as they use the API of the application without its permission. It contradicts the “terms of use” segment of Instagram, like – 

  • The login credentials of Instagram should not be cached or saved. 
  • The private API of the platform should only be accessed through Instagram-approved methods. 
  • Your comments should be suitable for every user on Instagram. 

Needless to say, when you’re using an Instagram bot, you’re violating each of these rules from the get-go. Due to this reason, we’ll ask you to use a program that’s approved or licensed by Instagram. 

How To Use An Instagram Bot Without Getting Banned?

If you don’t want to get banned from Instagram for using a bot program, you will need to follow these techniques. 

  • Stick to your business segment and focus on your target audience accordingly. 
  • Slow down your pacing a little. 
  • Lower the overall bot activity to some extent. 

Besides, we will also ask you not to let your bot do everything. Instead, sometimes, you should try commenting on others’ posts by yourself and let that human essence sink in a little. 

The Bottom Line 

As a business owner, you’ll have a lot on your plates, we know. Hence, using Instagram bots seldomly will be appropriate for your cause. Nonetheless, make sure not to depend too much on them. It might hurt your brand image in the long run.

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