Tech and Connectivity: Exploring the Infotainment Systems of the Tata Punch

The infotainment system is one of the most important features that car buyers look for when purchasing a new vehicle. With connectivity and advanced technology becoming indispensable today, automakers are integrating their models with innovative infotainment systems to meet customer demands. Tata Motors has cracked the code with its latest offering, the Tata Punch, equipped with a state-of-the-art infotainment system powered by Harman.

In this blog, we examine the impressive tech and connectivity features of the Tata Punch, which make it a technologically advanced micro-SUV for the new-age driver. As a platform that provides buyers with credible and meaningful automotive content, you can explore Ackodrive for more tech-focused auto information.

Floating Touchscreen Infotainment System

The 7-inch touchscreen display with connected car technology developed by premium audio experts Harman is at the centre stage of the Tata Punch cabin. The responsive touchscreen not only adds to the premium feel of the interiors but also offers seamless connectivity and entertainment options.

The touchscreen infotainment supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, allowing users to mirror their smartphone apps and access maps, music, podcasts and more on the go. For entertainment, there is inbuilt access to music and support for popular video and audio formats via USB and Bluetooth.

The system also doubles as a display for the reverse parking camera, equipped with guiding lines for efficient parking manoeuvres. The Tata Punch floating touchscreen infotainment brings connected car capabilities and audio/video entertainment to keep occupants engaged on road trips.

Immersive Audio Experience

Complementing the touchscreen infotainment’s visual treat is an immersive audio experience courtesy of 4 Harman speakers and 2 tweeters. The strategically positioned speakers provide surround sound that enhances music, podcasts, calls, or navigation commands.

Volume and multimedia controls are conveniently located on the steering wheel, minimising driver distraction. Whether driving solo or with the company, the Tata Punch’s infotainment system promises to keep your aural senses captivated mile after mile with its concert-like audio performance.

Advanced Voice Recognition

But that’s not all. Tata has also equipped the Punch with intelligent voice recognition capability for effortless system controls. The voice command feature allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while they operate the infotainment, air conditioning and other in-car features via voice instructions.

The integrated natural voice technology offers an interactive experience by recognising Hindi, English and Hinglish commands. So, by playing “Diljit Dosanjh on Gaana” or “switching on the AC,” you can access various controls with voice inputs in your preferred language. This hands-free control contributes immensely to road safety while enhancing convenience for the driver.

Seamless Smartphone Connectivity

The Punch ensures seamless smartphone integration via its USB charging ports, front Type C USB and rear Type A USB ports. Passengers can charge their mobile devices while accessing their phone’s content and apps on the infotainment screen via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Bluetooth connectivity further allows for music streaming and hands-free calling directly from smartphones – making daily drives more productive and entertaining.

Advanced Connected Car Technology with iRA

Tata has loaded the Punch with its fancy connected car system called ‘iRA.’ That stands for Intelligent Real-Time Assist. It gives Punch owners many high-tech features that link their cars to their phones. The system should be tailored to how people drive in India. It’s supposed to make the experience of being inside the Punch modern and advanced.

For instance, the what3words integration enables navigation to any precise location with just three words. As discussed earlier, the Natural Voice Recognition feature allows voice control of car and infotainment functions in English, Hindi or Hinglish accents.

The Punch also offers additional functionality, such as remote vehicle control, tracking vehicle location, intrusion alerts, roadside assistance connectivity, and software updates over the air via the Tata Motors mobile application.

With onboard infotainment features, Punch’s iRA-connected solution keeps owners connected, informed, assisted, and entertained throughout every ride.

Special Mention: Tribes Community Offering

And here is a particular highlight for the community-oriented – Tata Motors has introduced a unique offering called ‘Tribes’ for Punch owners. Tribes allow them to connect with fellow owners to exchange notes, plan trips, discuss mods, accessories, etc.

Consider it somewhat like an exclusive social platform for Punch owners to bond over their shared interest—their stylish micro-SUV. So, not only does the Punch enable connectivity on the road, but it also helps build an offline community with its Tribes platform.


The new Tata Punch could be for you if you want a small SUV that’s fun to drive and loaded with fancy bells and whistles. This ride has touchscreens, better sound systems, voice control, and other technology. Tata customised much of the tech to work well for Indian roads and drivers.

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