Indian nurse honored for 19 years of service in KSA

An Indian nurse was honored for her 19 years of service in Saudi Arabia. Living and working in the Kingdom’s Asheera region, the nurse served the people of the region while working in the region’s Health clinic.

People gathered to honor her

The staff of the Clinic and the people of the area gathered together to honor the nurse for her great service when she planned to move back to her country after her long 19 years of services. Moreover, the patients in the clinic too paid a tribute to the hardworking nurse.

The owner of the Asheera clinic Rafa Al Otaibi thanked the Indian nurse for giving her 19 years to serve the people of the nation. He said the nurse served the patients with great love and affection.

She showed sincerity in her work. Apart from her sincere and good nature, she is also loved by the people of the region because of her passionate service and treating the patients with great affection.

Now she has planned to move to her country permanently. At this point, the residents planned to honor her for her long and sincere service.

The nurse got emotional

The nurse emotionally got tearful while seeing the love of the people for her. She said, she never felt herself as a stranger while living in the Kingdom and serving the people as a nurse.

The people always cared and loved her. She said the people always stood by her and thus she is very thankful to them.

Patients, hospital staff, as well as residents, arranged a party to honor the departing nurse. Everyone gifted her in their own way. Some gave her money while some presented her with gifts.

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