Indian man to be released from Saudi Jail after 18 years

Abdul Rahim, an Indian national, is close to being released from a Saudi jail where he has been imprisoned for the past 18 years on charges of murdering a teenage boy. This is because the blood money of SR 15 million demanded by the victim’s family has been arranged.

Blood Money of SR 15 million

The Abdul Rahim Legal Assistance Committee, which raised SR 15 million through what could be the largest crowd-funding effort in Kerala’s history, transferred the funds to an account set up by the MEA on May 23.

Abdul Rahim from Kozhikode.
Abdul Rahim from Kozhikode.

On April 15, the committee, through its representatives, informed the Saudi court that the blood money had been arranged. The court then officially informed the family of the deceased, who expressed their willingness to accept the money and grant a pardon.

The fund will now be deposited in the Saudi court, from where it will be forwarded to the family of the deceased.

Abdul Rahim's mother
Abdul Rahim’s mother

How did he kill the boy?

Abdul Rahim, an autorickshaw driver from Feroke, was 26 years old when he went to Saudi Arabia in search of better opportunities. He started working for a Saudi citizen as his driver and as a caretaker for the citizen’s partially paralyzed son, who relied on a particular device attached to his neck for breathing and eating.

According to Abdul Rahim’s account of the fatal incident, he accidentally dislocated the instrument while trying to control the boy, who was causing a disturbance by demanding that he violate a red signal on the road. The boy soon fainted and died.

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