Indian Man from Saudi Arabia attends his wedding ceremony via video conferencing

The wedding is a Special Day: The wedding is one of the most important days in one’s life and everyone wants to make this day special and memorable as much as possible.

The wedding is a very emotional ritual which is a spiritual union and loving event for the bride and groom. Often there are weddings in which the groom takes off from work for some limited days and visits his native country to start his new journey of life.

Today, people are taking possible advantages of technology and solving their matters within no time. Even people can easily do office work from home instead of attending office, in cases of emergency.

A Wedding without Groom: On the other hand, there are some people who hardly get leave from work and some are bound to work on weekends as well. Because of this hectic and tough schedule, people can easily miss their important life events.

People are therefore struggling hard to keep a balance between work and social life both. At a wedding event, the presence of both bride and groom is considered as an important and basic element. It is very hard to imagine a wedding without a bride or groom.

An Online Wedding: A similar incident took place in Kerala which we are going to discuss. This sounds shocking and unbelievable, right? How such a wedding is even possible, but it did happen. This surprising wedding was held in Kollam which is in Kerela.

Kollam is under the fourteen districts of the state Kerala. The groom named Harris belongs to Kollam from Kerala but works in Saudi Arabia. He attended his own wedding with the help of a video conference call.

The Groom couldn’t take off: Due to heavy workload and commitment towards work, he was not able to take off and go to his native state Kerala for his own wedding. So this man planned to take a very different step and decided to attend his wedding ceremony via video conference call.

Harris did not get leave because of heavy workload and previous commitments at work. He did not want to postpone his wedding as invitations were sent and all family members and friends were ready. He, therefore, found a very different and creative solution which we might not even imagine.

Since Harris wedding was already planned for quite some time, instead of postponing, Harris changed his wedding into a digital wedding event. Harris family and friends along with his wife to give him a full hand of support and welcomed his solution.

The Groom’s sister played the role of the groom in a way that she completed all traditional ceremonies of Kerala weddings. She tied a thread on bride’s neck (which is an important ritual to confirm wedding) and stood beside the bride on behalf of her brother during the entire traditional rituals and ceremony.

We are not sure about the validity of this wedding as some support his idea whereas some are against this thought of video wedding. In a nutshell, we wish for a long and happy married life to this new amazing married couple.

We pray for Harris and his wife for a wonderfully great and bright future full of happiness and joy (Ameen).

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