Indian Expat will have to pay SR 210,000 hospital bill to get a final exit

We all know that thousands of people travel to Saudi Arabia to earn a better living for their family. No doubt to say that many accomplish their goal but some have to go through a lot of hardships and pains and this happened in this case.

Sheikh Arif is an expatriate worker from India who was involved in a fatal road accident which left him in a hospital, helpless for more than 11 months. The accident occurred when Arif was traveling with a Saudi citizen in his car to his village and the car overturned.

After that Arif had lost consciousness and was rushed to King Abdul Aziz Hospital in Taif by the traffic police and the emergency ambulance team. Out of these 11 months, Arif was in a state of coma for 3 months.

When it was time for him to get discharged, Arif went looking for his clothes. He says that he met the same Saudi citizen in whose car the accident had occurred. He told Arif that he had all his belongings safe and that he just had to sign on some papers.

Arif trusted the person as he had visited him a couple of times and also offered him a job so he signed the papers without hesitation and took back his belongings. After this incident, his life had been torn apart and he woke in the hospital to face even more hardships ahead.

Arif was left without a job, had no money or food and was homeless so he decided to leave the Kingdom once and for all. What he experienced after that was even a greater tragedy.

When Arif went to the passport police for exit clearance, he was told that he could not leave the Kingdom as there was a court case against him. The case had been filed by the hospital against Arif for not paying the hospital bill of SR 210,670.

At this point, he was totally shocked and broken to pieces. Before the accident, he worked as a plant operator in a bricks factory in Bida village. He had not been paid his salary so he had complained against his employer in the labor office.

The employer was outraged and took revenge against Arif and his coworkers saying that they were fugitives living here in the Kingdom. In response to this, the labor could not present their case properly due to lack of money.

After this, Arif had met the Saudi citizen who after hearing Arif’s story offered him a job and told him that he would help him with his case in the labor office. It was this Saudi citizen that Arif was traveling with when the car got overturned.

Now, Arif believes that the papers the Saudi citizen had made him sign had everything to do with the hospital filing a case against him. He says that he did not walk into the hospital himself but instead was brought there by the relevant government authorities.

He also says that why would the hospital not say anything about such a huge amount if he had to pay in the first place.  Right now he is running between courts, police stations, the hospital and the Consulate of India trying to find a way out of the Kingdom.

His residency permit has expired and there is no job that he can possibly find right now. Without the residency permit, he cannot even travel to Baha where his case has been referred to. He cannot even take legal aid as it costs a lot for the expatriates.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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