Indian Court releases 8 suspects in rape and killing of Kashmir’s daughter

Sometimes we as a human being fail to classify some of our fellow human beings on the basis of hideous, heinous and inhumane acts they do. Disgusting is one word, even barbaric seems to be an old terminology keeping in view what some of such people do to others.

One such act is rape, but child abuse is something far worse and words just cannot describe this act.  The news of child rape and then killing the child is like listening to news about a nation perishing in thin air after being bombed.

It feels like the nation has died, fingers go numb and brain feels dizzy when such news hits our ears.  One such incident took place in India where an eight-year-old girl was found dead after being kidnapped and raped.  

I am talking about Asifa, the 8-years-old rape victim. She went missing while she was out gazing her family’s horses in the Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and a week later her battered body was found in the forest in January.

Reports claimed that her body laid there for three days. The poor little girl was first kidnapped and then forced to take sedatives and was raped for five days in a shed and then a Hindu temple. She was raped by 8 men including a juvenile and four police officers.

After the news hit the media, the public, outraged and furious, came on the roads protesting against the shameful act and angered upon the loose criminals causing an uproar and stir in the country.

Even the well known and famous celebrities jumped into this matter and demanded the punishment of the criminals. The Court looked into the matter and the four alleged criminals who have been nominated for the rape and killing of the child were arrested and presented in the courtroom.

Police said that all the arrested men are Hindu and they planned this act of kidnapping the child to scare her Muslim nomadic tribe away from the area. Later they worked on their plan and kidnapped Asifa and then gang-raped her and strangled with her own scarf and then bashed with rocks in her head.

After arresting and presenting them to the court for the first time this week, all the eight Hindu men did not plead guilty. They were not ashamed of their shameful act of abduction and brutal murder of a minor girl.

In their desire to scare the Muslim community they committed an unbearable crime which has sparked a torrent of anger and disillusionment. This case also heightened fears of communal tension in the region and the Muslim demanded action against this crime in their community but the family quietly abandoned their home in the village out of the fear.

This incident seemed horrific and also fuels the religious tension in India. On the contrary, many Hindu nationalists who are against the Presence of Muslims in their Hindu Country have pleaded the court that the alleged criminals are innocent.

They claim that these people have been arrested on the false accusation and rushed to defend the accused rather than calling for Justice for Asifa. I personally say that these criminals should be convicted, the victim should get the justice and the court should make a right decision.

Source: Arab News

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