India couple beg for money to collect dead son’s body

While losing a young son was a trauma for the parents, they were asked for a heavy bribe by a hospital employee to release the body. He threatened them that they would not be able to get the body until they pay him the amount of money he demands.

This tragic incident took place in Samastipur city in the northern state of Bihar. The Indian couple was informed through a call that their son had died. The body was at the Sadar Hospital in the city. 

Mahesh Thakur and his wife, went to the hospital to only find that they could not collect the body of their son for his last rituals. An employee at the hospital told that he would hand over the body to them only if they would give him 50,000 rupees ($643; £512.95) as a bribe.

The poor parents did not have enough money and for the love of their son, they went door-to-door asking people to help them raise 50,000 Indian Rupees so that they could collect the body of their beloved son.

Viral Video

The video went viral on social media, causing people to outrage the hospital and wake up the administration.

A civil surgeon, at the very Hospital, SK Chaudhary, told that he will personally look into the matter and will make sure all those responsible be held accountable.

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