India can defeat Pakistan in 10 days – PM Modi

Pakistan and India are two arched-rivals that hold complex relationships due to many historical events. Since the time the two countries were separated, they have fought three major wars. For the last few months, the tension between the two countries started again.

India and Pakistan rivalry

Last February the two neighbors also came close for the fourth war after an attack on the Indian troops in Kashmir. India blamed Pakistan for attacking their troops in Kashmir after which the tension started. An Indian fighter jet was also shot down and a pilot was captured by the Pakistani Army.

Later he was released as a peace gesture between the two nations followed by the order of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Recommended: What would happen if Indian and Pakistan start a nuclear war?

Pakistan will bite the dust in 10 days

Now after a year, the Indian Prime Minister who is under extreme critics and pressure after applying the new citizenship law has again challenged Pakistan. During his speech in Military personnel on Tuesday, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again challenged Pakistan.

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In his speech, he said that Pakistan has already lost three wars and now our armed forces will not take more than 7 to 10 days to make Pakistan bite the dust.

Allegations on Pakistan

Besides this, PM Modi also said that Indians attacked the militants in Pakistan-administered Kashmir and Pakistan. He also declared it youthful thinking saying we carry out strikes in Pakistan and take on terrorists in their home.

Modi has also blamed Pakistan for backing militants in Indian –administered Kashmir. Pakistan continues to wage a Proxy war in Kashmir where thousands of people have died in recent decades.

The issue of Kashmir

Kashmir has been divided between Pakistan and India since its Independence in 1947. Both countries have fought several wars and the Kashmir conflict is yet not solved between the two countries.

Last August PM Modi also stripped Kashmir from its partial autonomy and later applied a new citizenship law for its Muslim citizens. They have not been able to lift the curfew after around 6 months as of now.

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