Do you know Imam Bukhari was blind at young age?

Imam Bukhari, who compiled a huge collection of Hadith called Sahih Al Bukhari, was born in Bukhara. He is known as the most authentic writer as he made real efforts in collecting the traditions of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

We are quite familiar with the life of the great Islamic scholar which he spent while collecting the hadiths. Yet there is a great incident attached to his life that many of us are unaware of.  Recommended: Who was Imam Bukhari? He collected 600,000 Hadith

Imam Bukhari turned blind at a young age

It happened before he started to collect Hadith. It is reported that while Imam Bukhari was a young boy, he suddenly lost his eyesight. He was taken to skilled and renowned doctors, yet none were able to restore his sight.

His mother, who was a pious and righteous lady, did not give up. She would ask Allah Almighty to bless his son with sight again. She would make supplications day and night. She kept on knocking the doors of the blessings of Allah Almighty. At-last her prayers were accepted.

She saw Prophet Ibrahim A.S in her dream

Allah did not reject the prayers of the mother who kept on asking for the sight of her son. One night, she slept after making dua for her son’s sight. On that night, Prophet Ibrahim A.S came in her dream. He told her that Allah loved the way she prayed and kept on knocking the doors of mercy.

Allah restored the sight of Imam Bukhari

As a reward, the sight of his son has been restored: her prayers have finally been accepted. She was excited to see her son awake in the morning. When Imam Bukhari woke up, he could see all the beautiful colors around.

His sight was restored. He tried to adjust himself to the bright colors as it had been a while since he had seen them. Subhan Allah.

Moral of the story

This story teaches us that when there is hope, nothing is impossible. When we pray to Allah the way He loves, indeed he accepts our supplications. The word impossible is only for us, for Him everything is possible. The cure for problems is not with humans but with Allah!

Thereby if there is any problem, always remember and ask from Almighty. He surely listens and accepts. We just need to do it the right way.  May Allah accept our supplications!

Source: From the biography of Imam Bukhari (RA) located at the beginning of Sahih Al Bukhari 9 Volume English Translation. Additional details were provided by Shaykh al-Hadith Allama Ghulam Rasul Sa`idi.

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