Allah has accepted all my Duas but one – Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal

It is the story of Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal and a baker man. Imam Ahmed is one of the most famous scholars around the globe. The scholar, who is also known as “Sheikh ul-Islam” or “Imam of Ahl al-Sunnah” is a Sunni theologian.  He is the most renowned Imam of the Hanbali school of Islamic Jurisprudence.  

The story goes that when Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal had reached his old age, he was off to travel. While traveling he stopped by a town and resided in one of its mosques. He did not want to expose himself there as he knew that people would honor him and would ask him to stay.

Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal was dragged out of the Masjid

He decided to stay at the mosque during the night and set to travel in the morning. However, the caretaker of the mosque did not allow him to stay in the mosque for a night. As Imam was old, the caretaker dragged him out of the mosque.

Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal did not disclose that he is the famous scholar the world knows. A baker saw that the old man had nowhere to go and is not even allowed to stay at the mosque and fell pity for him. He, also not knowing that the old man is Imam Ahmed, took him to his place for a night.

He hosted the Imam nicely, Imam Ahmed observed that the baker would recite Istighfar whenever he remembered. So, Imam asked him that if the practice of reciting Istaighfar turned out good for him.

Allah has accepted all my supplications but one

Upon this, the baker said that Allah had accepted all his supplications except one. Imam inquired that what that one dua which is still not accepted. The baker replied that he has been asking Allah to give him a chance to meet Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal who is a famous scholar.

The Imam then said that Allah has not only accepted your dua but also has driven Imam Ahmed out of the mosque so that he shall meet you.

Why does Allah not answer our supplications?

There are certain supplications that we have been making but they have remained unanswered by Allah Almighty. Have you ever wondered why is it so?

Even though we make the supplications the way they shall be made and follow the Sunnah, why isn’t that Allah Almighty is granting us something we are deeply wishing for? Recommended: 10 reasons our supplications (Dua) are not accepted by Allah

According to the Sunni school of thought, there are 4 major Imams who interpreted the holy Quran and Hadith for the general public. Despite the fact that all of them have some minor differences, the teachings of each of them are treated valid and acceptable to Sunni Muslims.

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