IKEA Jeddah shuts down for violating COVID-19 measures

A famous shopping mall has been shut down in Jeddah for not following the precautionary measure mentioned to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the Kingdom.

The shops and malls were ordered to open in the Kingdom after following some precautionary measures like avoiding crowds in the market, providing their staff and workers with disinfectant and hand sanitizer, checking the temperature of the staff and the customers at the entrance of the shops and malls.

Besides this the precautionary measures also included sterilizing shopping trolleys and baskets after every use, closing children’s play areas, sanitizing the shops, its surface, facilities, and also close all the fitting rooms in the malls and ready-wear clotting shops.

IKEA Shutdown

IKEA situated on Tahlia street in Jeddah, failed to follow the precautionary measurement to curb the spread of deadly infection. The municipality Inspector in Al Aziziya reported that he found a large crowd in the mall with no social distancing and other precautionary measures.

The people were found gathered inside the mall without wearing masks. Although the shopping malls were required to limit the number of shoppers. However, the gathering inside or outside the malls and shops were not allowed.

The shopping mall must follow all the precautionary measures presenting by the authorities for protection. But the famous and shopping mall in Jeddah failed to follow all the precautionary measure and this led to its closure.

SR 100,000 fine

SR5,000 fine for each person who gathers inside or outside the malls exceeding the stipulated number mentioned earlier as a precautionary measure. The fine will not exceed SR100,000. However, if the offenders of the law are again found violating the rules, the penalty will be doubled in this case.

The authorities have previously highlighted the need to follow the precautionary measures as they are meant for all the individuals and entities to abide by health safety rules. New guidelines are also set by the authorities for social gathering and social distancing.

Source: Gulf News

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