If you sit in front of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W for 1 min, what would you say?

It is a shocking question, isn’t it? Just try to think for a moment that you are sitting in front of the most respectful personality of the world, our love, our prophet Muhammad S.A.W. You have been given just one minute to say or to ask anything you want to ask him, what would you ask?

We asked this question on our Facebook Page, and we received hundreds of comments from the people. We have selected some of those responses and sharing it with you.

1-Your heart gets stopped when you think of sitting in front of Rasool Allah S.A.W.

2-Just saw the question and tears start falling. I don’t even deserve to sit in front of Him we are so sinful how we can show our face to Him

3-I will not ask for anything but wish time stop at that point.

4-I will just cry and keep on crying while wiping my tears. I would not be able to look into his eyes.

5-I will share the suffering of our brothers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Middle East, Africa and Rohingya.

6-I will keep on looking at the most beautiful face of Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him.

7-I will kiss his feet. I will tell Him that I love him more than myself and my family and the entire world.

8-I will kiss his blessed shoes and dust under His blessed shoes.

9-I am a sinner, I can’t imagine being in front of him, even though I tried so hard, for many years, just to get his glimpse in my dream, my beloved prophet never came.

10-Please come back and help us to sort out the terrible mess this world is in, we need your wisdom, compassion, and kindness to guide us.

11-I would be ashamed of me. The Prophet peace be upon him sacrifices a lot including his life for the sake of the Deen and for mankind. But here I am doing rubbish things

12-Ya Rasool Allah S.A.W. Please make dua for the ummah. Please ask Allah to forgive us all, give peace to our hearts, make sick better shifah, give peace to hearts of orphans, spread love among us and protect us from our nufs.

13-I just saw the question and tears started rolling down my cheeks. I will look at his face and continue looking.

14-For only one minute? It will at least take a week for me to stop crying with joy.

15-I wouldn’t be able to speak at all. I would be trembling but at the same time, I would be extremely happy.

16-I can’t face them I will just weep on my bad deeds being their ummati and will hope for their شفقت kindness.

17-I would just kiss his legs and ask him to pray for forgiveness of me and my Parents and tell him to take me with him.

18-Only tears, I can’t imagine being in his presence having so much guilt with the state of his ummah, the ummah he cried for. I can’t even reciprocate his love for me

19-I don’t even consider myself capable of sitting in front of him. I cannot face Rasool Allah S.A.W.

20-I don’t know, I feel crying now

21-I love my Rasool more than anyone ?❤

22-Just cry so badly that I fall unconscious

23-If I ever got a chance. I would not be able to speak

24-I will definitely start crying, I don’t even deserve to sit in front of him because he is the best person on this earth and I am nothing in front of him.

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