If we fail to protect Jerusalem, we will lose Madinah – Erdogan

When Israel has threatened to take over the Holy city of Jerusalem, Erdogan has again used different forums to let them know that it is a state which belongs to Muslims.

In one of his addresses, he said that if Muslims fail to protect the Bait-ul-Muqdas, they would also fail to protect the Holy city of Madinah. If we are unable to protect Madinah, we will also lose Makkah. And if we lose Makkah then for sure we will get deprived of the Holy Kaaba.

He then energized the Muslims saying that we shall not forget what Jerusalem means: Jerusalem means Istanbul (capital of Turkey), Jerusalem means Islamabad (capital of Pakistan), Jerusalem means Jakarta (capital of Indonesia). 

Madinah means Cairo, Damascus, and Baghdad. The Holy Kaaba is our respect, honor, pride, and indeed the life of all Muslims. We shall never compromise on them.

The attack on Jerusalem should be taken as an attack on each and every Muslim city and country.

To protect the Holy Kaaba, we shall take all those necessary steps that have been made obligatory on us and on Muslims before us.

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