I will pay for the treatment of Palestinian conjoined twins – Saudi Crown Prince

Children are one of the beautiful blessings of Allah. A woman waits for nine months to hold his child’s hand and to love him unconditionally but sometimes their wait to hold their baby in their arm prolongs and they lose every hope in life.

Every child is born according to Allah’s wish, he is the only creator of every disabled, normal or twin babies. If he creates any misery, he has also created a way out of it. A pair of conjoined twin sisters Haneen and Farah were born in Gaza Palestine. These sisters were born on Saturday 21 October by cesarean section after a full term pregnancy in Shifa Hospital Gaza.[irp]

Lacking proper facilities and expertise, the hospital refused to treat or operate them and advised their parents to take them abroad to the US or Arabian Countries for their proper treatment. Mostly it is seen that conjoined twins or babies born with any disabilities have very fewer chances of survival until they get some proper medications and treatment.

A similar situation was present with these twins. These twins were joined in the abdominal and pelvic regions and have one lower limb and share some external organs, said by Dr. Al-Rabeeah. He said that they needed accurate medical tests to find out their joint organs and their possibility of separating them.

The pair of these twin sister was in good health. In most cases, the babies die within 24 hours fighting with their critical situations. Their neonatal specialist finally announced on Monday 23 October that girls are now in stable condition and had begun feeding.

Following this news, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman took a positive step and ordered health authorities to transfer Palestinian conjoined twins Farah and Haneen from Gaza to Riyadh for treatment and admit them to King Abdulaziz Medical City of the National Guard in Riyadh. The Hospital will be examining them for finding every possible solution of separating them.

Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Rabeeah, the advisor at the Royal Court and general supervisor of King Salman center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid, announced on Thursday that this humanitarian gesture comes as an extension of the great humanitarian efforts being undertaken by the Kingdom and stresses the desire of King Salman to stand with the Palestinian people.

This was a friendly and humanitarian act taken by a Saudi prince. Just like Saudi prince who welcomed them for their treatment and possible separation, every country should take such positive steps to help the needy and deserving communities of countries that are unable to provide special care or treatment to their citizens.

Source: Arab News

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