I will be my son’s legs and arms – Moroccan Mother

Rabiaa al-Rumaili is a Moroccan mother who carries her disabled child to school every day.

Rabiaa al-Rumaili said that her child was leading a normal life until he was 9 years old. He complained about pain and thereby was taken to the hospital. The doctors were then able to diagnose meningitis in his son’s body.

Doctors amputated his hands

As the disease was spreading at a fast speed in the body, there was no option left but to amputate some of the body parts which the disease was spreading from. Thereby an operation was conducted and his both legs, right hand, and 3 fingers of his left hand were amputated.

His mother was in the greatest pain to see her child disabled now. However, she then realized that if she loses hope and strength, his son will lose all the reasons to live.

She became the legs and arms of her son

She thereby mustered up the courage and gave strength to her son. All this procedure has caused him to lack behind in his studies. He was unable to attend school and continue his studies.

So what if the child cannot walk to school, I shall carry him to school so that he could continue his studies and carve a better future for himself.

His studies would become his strength to walk with people and to become “a man of dignity and worth in the future”, were the thoughts of the hopeful mother.

He is 13 years old now

She says that even though her child is now 13 years old, she never feels him a burden while she carries him. As long as I have a heartbeat, I would be his legs and arms, said the passionate mother.

Source: Al Arabiya

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