I saw my son burning into flames while I was being raped – Rohingya Mother

The Rohingya Muslims faced what human rights activists proclaim to be an ethnic cleansing. The Muslim minority was living there since ages in the state of poverty and neglect. They were neglected so much that they were never issued an identity card.

The state-less Muslim’s voice was unheard as they were poor and were in a minority. The state now seeks to get rid of them and the military started to wipe them out in the most non-humanitarian manner! The soldiers would simply burn their houses so much so that the entire village was burnt down to ashes.

The Muslim men were killed, the children were burnt alive, and women were tortured through gang rapes! This act of violence created a stir around the world. The world questioned Burma’s government. The UN condemned the massacre. People demanded to end the violence and countries protested.

Bangladesh opened up its borders for the refugees, Turkey asked Bangladesh to open borders for Burma Muslims and they will pay for all the expenses, Saudi Arabia granted Saudi Iqama for 1 Million Burmese. British and EU also demanded to end of human rights.

Most of the Muslims of Rohingya have now taken shelter in Bangladesh. When people with aids and journalists from countries approached them, they were shocked to see the condition of the Muslims. It felt that their eyes were dried up because of excessive crying.

Their bodies were strength-less and they had no hopes left. The worst sight was seeing the women. Their husbands, brothers, and fathers were killed, their children were burnt alive or killed in other most inhume manner and they were physically tortured as they were made victims of gang and/or multiple rapes!

These women had nothing with them but bitterness. They were empty-handed, the only thing they were equipped were stories of miseries. Victim of such tragic incident is Rajuma. She shared her story and it is certainly heartbreaking.

When the village was set on fire by the Burmese soldier, Rajuma along with hundred other women fled with their children. They were able to run towards the river where unfortunately soldiers seized them. They were asked not to move and they had to obey as guns were pointed at them.

Rajuma had her son in her arms. The group of soldiers saw the pretty, young and delicate lady and approached her. She put her arms firmly against her son who was an infant. One of the solder approached near her, took control of her and snatched away from her baby.

Right in front of her eyes, the small boy was thrown into the fire! She could hear the baby screaming as he was being burnt to death. She was helpless as she was hit hard by the soldiers and was then made the victim of gang rape.

When she was left by the heartless men, she found her herself running naked in the fields. She was covered in blood and knew nothing to do.  She had lost everything: her son, her sisters, and her mother. She cannot forget how she lost each and everyone right in front of her eyes.

May Allah give them strength! May Rajuma and other victims be served with justice!

Source: Independent UK

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