I married you to be with you, not to serve your mother

What does every girl wish after her marriage? It is often seen in some parts of the world when a woman marries a man she is entitled to serve his husband’s family at any cost. The tradition is mostly seen in some south Asian countries including Pakistan and Indian.

A stigma of South Asian Countries

In South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, Men are always thought to be superior to women. A good wife must follow and obey her husband. However, some girls are not satisfied with all these traditions. 

After the marriage, a girl is supposed to move to her husband’s home. Some women think moving to their husband’s home where he lives with his parents is no less than slavery.

I married you to be with you, not to serve your mother

She says I agree that a good wife is obedient to her husband but my husband wants me to be obedient to his parents. I married my husband, not his parents, I will look after them because I care for them.

I don’t want my husband to treat me as a slave or threaten me saying if I fail to care or treat them well, he will divorce me.

The women want to say that marriage is a bond between a husband and a wife. It is not between her and his family. A husband and wife should try to compromise if one fails to fulfill her duties, rather than divorcing or threatening at every mistake.

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