Not missed a single prayer in 37 years – Afghani expat

An Afghani expat working in Saudi Arabia has come across as an example for all Muslims and has become a symbol of his devotion.

Haji Muhammad came to Saudi Arabia at the age of 19 to work as a plumber.  Ever since he first visited Masjid al Nabawi almost 37 years ago, he has never ever missed even a single prayer inside the Prophet’s Mosque.

Haji Muhammad’s family consists of 2 wives and 12 children in the Kingdom and in these 37 years he has only visited his home country of Afghanistan only once.

Haji Muhammad, the pious devotee who has not missed even one single prayer at the Prophet’s Mosque can be seen occupying his regular spot behind the Imam of the Mosque.

Those pilgrims or Muslims who make their way to Madinah annually will not miss out on the familiar face which can be seen donning a black turban.

Muhammad Haji said that he absolutely loves picking up the copies of the Holy Quran from all the visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque and keeping them back to their cabinets. May Allah help us follow in his footsteps.

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