I have enough money for next 15 generations – King

Once there was a King named Fakhr Ad Daulah. He ruled the Buwaih Dynasty and was a rich person. All these years he had tried hard to collect wealth as much as he could. Once he boosted upon his possessions saying that he has enough wealth that his 15 generations would able to suffice without worries.

His Net worth at the time of death

It is said that when he died his possessions included 2 million dinars, eight hundred and fifty-six thousand dirhams, pieces of jewels, gems, pearls, diamonds, and gold whose worth we might not able to calculate yet they were 14000 in number altogether.

Not only this, the place was lavishly furnished with carpets, furniture, silver and gold statues, and another expensive interior.

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Just imagine the life he would be leading. Must be filled with luxury, honor, and bounties. He must eat good, wear good, travel where ever he wanted to, people must respect him. Pretty impressed by his life, but once you read about his death, you might not love his life at all. You would probably ask for less yet better.

He did not live a good life

It is disclosed in Shadharat adh-Dhahab that when he died, his sons were not at all worried about their father’s funeral. They were worried about the possessions and their share out of it. They took out the key of treasure and started to count what their father had left behind for them.

All this time, the body of the honorable king was placed where he had died. He was not attended by any of his sons neither they took any interest in it. Soon the corpse started to rot and gave away the smell. People searched for the cloth so that his body could be wrapped.

They could find none! Imagine a king having wealth that won’t end even his generations use is not worthy enough to get a pair of white sheets so that his funeral could take place! What fate!

His funeral was not done by his sons

People searched around and finally, the custodian of the local mosque gave forth a pair of white sheets. The corpse started to decay, and the people were hesitant to even go near it, but it was important to bury him: after all, he was a king. Few men wrapped him up and were taking him down through a staircase when his corpse fell apart.

This was the fate of the king who had left so much for his sons. His sons were busy in calculation and distribution rather than their father. Indeed, it was their father who had taught them that money is the most precious thing on earth. Only if he had spent more on raising them than on collecting wealth that was meant to be left behind.

Indeed, a wise man is the one who lives this life carefully so that he could enjoy the life of the hereafter. All the wealth and honor will stay behind, the only thing that one will take with them is their deeds. Focus on your deeds.

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