I don’t care what Joe Biden thinks of me – Crown Prince MBS

In an interview with “The Atlantic”, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was asked whether Joe Biden misunderstands something about him? “Simply, I do not care,” he replied.

He added that it is upon Biden to think for the betterment and for the interests of America.

Mind your own business

MBS highlighted the bilateral interests the two states have. From political interest, economic interests, security interest, defense interests to trade interests.

However, the USA does not have the right to intervene in the internal matters and affairs of Saudi Arabia. He insisted that putting pressure on the country is a wrong policy and that it doesn’t work.

Slavery System

Giving an example of the slavery system, he said that Saudi Arabia was able to mitigate slavery about 60 0r 70 years from now. And the reason had not been the pressure that the foreign countries had put on us (Saudi Arabia), rather it was a good influence.

How many Americans are in KSA?

Mohammed bin Salman said that there are 300,000 Americans in Saudi Arabia working in many different companies. 

Source: The Atlantic

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