I didn’t think about my death or my 7 children – Filipino who saved Saudi’s life in flood

As we all are quite aware of the heavy rainfall that caused the flood in Jeddah. We saw many videos and pictures of that flood. One of the videos of Jeddah flood that became viral was a man who saved a Saudi citizen when the rescue team were unable or refused to save that man.

I heartily appreciate the kindness and humanitarian act conducted by that man. On 21st of November 2017, heavy rainfall caused a flood in Jeddah due to which many people were affected. Daud Saripada Balindong was the man who saved a Saudi citizen without caring of his own life.[irp]

He saw that an elderly man was trapped in his car in the middle of the rushing flood water in the Abruq AR Rughamah neighborhood. He was 39 years old Filipino family driver, a father of seven children. He has been working in Saudi Arabia for seven years.

In his interview to Arab news, I saw a trapped helpless man in his sixties, he was drowning slowly, civil defense was not doing anything and almost everyone in the surrounding was busy making his video. Many people around him tried to stop him from swimming to reach the man and they said that they were waiting for the civil defense to arrive.

Ballindong said at that time he only remembered the Quranic saying: “and he who saved someone’s life, it will be as equally as if he had saved all the mankind.” When Ballindong was questioned that whether he feared for his life even for a brief moment before going down into the water.

He replied, “there was no time to think about death and I could not stand watching the man drowning without doing anything to save him and there was no time to think of death.” He added, “To him, the issue has ended right there and then. I had no idea many people would praise what I had done let alone that I would be honored for it.”

We can see in the video that when he reached the man he handed him the life jacket and helped him come out of the car from its window. He took the man and swam with him to the dry side of the road. He felt so happy that he was able to save a man’s life.  The man thanked him and asked Allah to reward him.

His family was proud of him. Okaz Organization Press and Publication honored the man for his courage and presence of mind. The civil defense apologizes to the public that two of its staff who were standing there would not jump into the water to save the man.

They said they would be disciplined for their lack of attention. This video brought back the memories of Pakistani national Farman Ali Khan who lost his life saving 14 Saudi people who were trapped in 2009 flood that devastated Jeddah.

There are still many people in the world who care for others without thinking about themselves. We should also try our best to help others in every situation.

Source: Arab News

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