I didn’t recognize my wife upon returning from KSA after 10 years

A friend of mine went to Saudi Arabia on a job 10 years ago. He had two kids and a wife behind. He offered his services for 10 years there.

He would visit his home-country on and off. He would come back for a few days and meet his friends and family and then would go back to Saudi Arabia for his job.

5794 I didn’t recognize my wife upon returning from KSA after 10 years 02

He used to take care of everyone but wife

  • He was a responsible son as he would ask his father about his needs and would try to fulfill them.
  • He would remain in contact with all his friends.
  • He would come back with a bunch of toys for his kids.
  • He even shifted his children to private school as he could now afford it.

He returned back home after 10 years

10 years later, when he returned home, he could not recognize his wife. His wife was not the same woman he had married. She had changed a lot.

5794 I didn’t recognize my wife upon returning from KSA after 10 years

She would always have a depressed face, she would not prepare food that he likes, and she would only smile at kids and other family members but not him.

He complained that he has been a good husband working abroad day and night to satisfy the wants of his family and now when he comes he has noticed that his wife is not happy.

Her behavior had changed gradually

When I asked that since how long he has observed this change in behavior, he told that on his initial visits his wife would welcome him happily, would always smile at him, would wait long for him at dinners, would remain in a good mood and prepare his favorite food.

Yet, later on, every visit he would feel a change in her wife’s behavior and affection towards him. I inquired if the couple had talked on the matter.

Did you ask the reason for the change in attitude?

Did he ask the reason for a change in behavior since he noticed it? He said no, he said if there was something she should have told him.

I asked that he should go and ask her. What if he himself was the reason behind the change in his wife?  During that night he thought all over it.

He realized his mistakes

While he watched his wife asleep, he remembered all those times when his wife would take care of him:

  • She would wake late at night while he was out with his friends.
  • She would not even touch the dinner while he would eat with his friends ignoring his wife’s calls and messages.
  • He would always promise her to take her and kids to mall and places while he was in Saudi Arabia but would never take them out.
  • He never asked his wife if she wanted something, he would not remember her birthday or wedding anniversary.

He realized that it was he who had changed first and not his wife. She alone took care of children and when he would come back he would not be concerned about her.

They started living happily again

The next morning, he made breakfast for his wife and apologized for his behavior and ignorance. After a few days his wife was again a happy and loving wife!

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