I am not Gandhi or Mandela – Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Prince Muhammad bin Salman is a young, ambitious yet moderate leader and doing tremendous efforts in changing the future look of the country.

In His recent TV interview in the USA, Prince Mohammad bin Salman said I am a rich person, I am not a poor person.

I am not Gandhi or Mandela

I am not Gandhi or Mandela he added to his statement during the interview.

Crown Prince also shared his income and said that his 51% personal income is spent on charity and other people of the Kingdom.

He said it is true that after 1979 the form of Islam that was practiced in Saudi Arabia was harsh and intolerant following the wave of conservatism that followed the takeover of the Grand Mosque by armed extremists.

Before 1979, there were movie theaters in Saudi Arabia and people were allowed to watch movies. Women should wear a decent and respectful dress of their liking.

He further said that women are equal to men, we all are human beings and there is no difference in us.

However, it is said that Saudi Arabia before 1979 is the base of the Kingdom after 2017. If we recall some saying of famous personalities, the culture of the Kingdom before 1979 was moderately religious and was open to life and the future.

The Crown Prince is efficiently working to drag the Kingdom to moderate Islam as it was before 1979. Saudi Arabia has already changed a lot since MBS has taken over.

Source: Hindustan Times

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