Husband drives wife’s car, breaks traffic rules for 375 times, wife gets SR 306,250 fines

Keeping yourself updated with all the traffic rules or regulations and their fines in case of breaking the rules is compulsory and is a healthy activity which every driver or car owner should carry out in Saudi Arabia.

Even an expat won’t be allowed to return to his home country without clearing all his traffic fines.  Recently, Traffic authorities of Jeddah charged a Saudi woman of serious traffic violation charges. The amount of fine she got charged was quite big.

It was about 306,250 Saudi riyals.  However, the case was that she was not the rule breaker and her husband was the actual person who committed this crime by driving her car. All the traffic violations or charges were transferred to her husband.

According to Saudi rules, women are not allowed to drive but they can register cars under their names. This way, he drove his wife’s car and repeatedly broke traffic rules. The surprising fact is that he violated the traffic rules 375 times.

The wife received notifications on her cell phone that the car registered under her name broke the traffic law about 375 times. The car owner, Narmeen, explained them in detail that the disobedience of traffic rules noticed was by her husband as a reaction to the fact that she filed a divorce case in the court.

In January, Narmeen posted an appeal in a newspaper of Saudi Arabia. She requested to the traffic authorities of Jeddah to inspect in detail the traffic violations by her car.

Father of Narmeen also played a major role by requesting the traffic authorities to do a proper investigation. Sulaiman Al Zikro, the head of traffic department in the coastal city of Jeddah, took notice of the case.

They collected all the details from the owner of the car and took immediate steps. They transferred all the traffic violations record to her husband’s profile as it was he who misused her car and broke the traffic rules.

The car was ordered to be taken into custody to be returned to the real owner. Narmeen’s statement regarding case handling by the traffic department is positive as she is happy with the traffic department because they took immediate action which cleared the situation.

Narmeen quoted that the traffic authorities acted promptly as soon they heard her case and she is very thankful that they protected her by dealing the whole case based on true facts.

Her husband had a strong intention to take revenge on her as she asked for a divorce from him. Still, she is fully determined to go forward with the case of divorce and completing all case formalities. 

The court is going to have heard of the case in the month of March after all the attempts failed by the reconciliation panel which was supposed to bring the two spouses together or try to give one more chance for mutual understanding.

She is lucky that the court decided to listen to her case, otherwise, she would have been in deep trouble. She might have to work for a decade to save the amount of money to pay off her violations.

Source: Gulf News

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