A funny Study on iPhone Users of Saudi Arabia

Ever considered in today’s time what is the one thing that instantly talks about a person’s status symbol? It’s not which location he lives, it’s not his shoes, it’s not the accent he talks in, and it’s just the phone he talks on. In this century, everyone loves the one thing that does wonders, that has made our life so compact and easy that every day with this gadget seems complete. Though as the years go on every year we have different brands and companies that bring to us the advanced forms of cellphones. However, there is one company that stands apart from these. Yes, you have guessed correctly- it is Apple.[irp]

Apple is one of the largest companies for technologies and the amount of technology and gadgets it has produced over the years have left the world dazzled and amazed. If one wants a cell phone they will call out an iPhone, though not everyone can afford one thus the use of android phones is highly appreciated. In Saudi Arabia, you’ll find almost one person out of two is an iPhone user. It’s extremely easy to distinguish the people amongst a whole group who are apple users. This read will tell you all their characteristics and I don’t mean the phones but the people who own them.

One of the most common statements you will ever hear from all iPhone and apple technology users is that once they start using them they cannot switch to another brand. The way they emphasize on it seems like the brand is more like a cigarette where they are asked to quit smoking. It seems utterly impossible for them. They also want to let the world know that Apple is the only original company and no other is. Whether it is Korean phones or the ones assembled in China, they all are fake. Along with this, they seem to show their constant hate for Android users. They sometimes look upon their features and wonder why they are still using it!

If you’ve spotted a teenage girl on the other end of the road with her ear glued to a bunny rabbit and constantly talking about it don’t be scared. She is just on her ‘fashionably decorated iPhone’ talking to a friend and nothing more. She isn’t crazy so think twice before calling for mental hospital services for her. Many iPhone users tend to guide us all about the amazing features of their phone, all the built-in apps though they’ve probably never used them not even once! It’s just that they have to tell them that they own the phone. No matter how dumb they are. Though what they love doing through their phone most of the time is take gazillions of selfies since there is no other phone with such a perfect camera, even I would agree to that![irp]

If you have friends who are iPhone users and you yourself are an iPhone user remember one thing, you won’t ever lose them. Fellow iPhone users are your best friends whether you like it or not. Even though now we don’t use email but maybe iPhone users do because at the end of each email you’ll find ‘send from my iPhone’. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist while I have the opportunity of rubbing it in! With this end message, I’ve conclude

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.