HRSD Ministry considering 3 days weekend

3 days weekend under consideration

As per Madina Newspaper, the HRSD ministry is considering extending the weekend to three days.

While answering a user on Twitter, the ministry stated that it is currently studying the labor system and reviewing regulations to increase job creation and make the market more attractive to local and international investments.

Source: Gulf News

HRSD Minister statement

A few months ago, the Minister of HRSD (Labor) in Saudi Arabia Eng. Ahmed al-Rajhi has stated that Saudi Arabia is considering 3 days on weekends and 4 days a week.

He said that the Ministry is reviewing the Saudi Labor Law from every angle in consideration of 3 days weekend.

The whole objective of this change is to make Saudi Arabia more friendly for investors as well as the workforce from the entire world. 

Eng. Ahmed al-Rajhi made these statements while addressing a press conference.

Source: Urdu News

Are we following the UAE?

It is important to note that the UAE government has already announced a 2.5 days weekend where Friday is a half-day and Saturday and Sunday are off days.

In addition to that, Sharjah has announced a 3 days weekend starting from Friday till Sunday.

For the first time, Saad Al Hammad, the spokesperson for the ministry of Labor ruled out the possibility of a 3-day weekend in Saudi Arabia. However, the news of reconsideration of a 3-day weekend has resurfaced again.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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