HRC: A child is Saudi if born to unknown parents in KSA

Human Rights Commission stipulates the rights of children, claims the child born to unknown parents is a Saudi if born in Saudi Arabia.

Awarding nationality to the child born in Kingdom

Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) has clarified that any child who is born to unknown parents would be regarded as a Saudi national and thereby he would be entitled to enjoy the state provided healthcare facilities.

Rights enjoyed by Saudi children

  1. The law for criminal punishment

The child would thereby not be punishable for a criminal activity unless he turns seven. The law postulates that a child who he less than 7 years of age is not accountable for criminal punishment.

  1. The right against the attacker

The HRC has clarified that severed to the criminal would be severe in case his victim is a child and he is not aware of it.

  1. Right for stipend

A stipend would be granted to those children who are below 18 years of age, whose father had died, and who are unable to meet their ends.

  1. Child labor rights

The child protection law has also been stated by the HRC which says that it is not permissible for a child below 15 years of age to enter a workplace nor he shall be employed for any work.

  1. Child protection law

Those who violate the rights of the children or commit child abuse shall be prisoned for a time period no more than 1 year and shall be fined with a maximum amount of SR50,000 or both.

It has also been mentioned that discontinuing the child’s education is child abuse and negligence on behalf of the guardian/parent.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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