How would Saudi Arabia look like without men who abuse women?

Men and women are the creation of Allah Almighty. Allah created man physically stronger than women as the man has the responsibility of livelihood. Man is created stronger to protect his family, to provide them with shelter and necessities. But what is wrong with some men?

Why don’t they understand that with power comes a responsibility! Men weren’t bestowed with the power to abuse women. Dear men, if you are given power, you should use it positively. You are not to use power against women, rather shall use your strength for them.[irp]

Remember that you will be asked about it on the Day of Judgment! These are some morals that every man shall be taught about. But unfortunately, this is not how our society is working. Some men had been and are still using their power to control women.

They physically and sexually abuse their counterparts. According to Nafeen Abbas, a columnist for Saudi Gazette, about 70% of the men are involved in activities that are meant to control women and to prove to them that they are stronger than a woman. Is this world a wrestle-mania where men are in a fight with women?

Do men have to prove that they are stronger? Well, definitely not! Woman know that you guys are stronger and believe me that they do not want a fight with you over this. Allah created you stronger, to protect her, to support her not to defeat her!

When I look at myself, I see women helpless on the matter. Women around the world are complaining about men. They are sick and tired of the physical, sexual and mental abuses caused by men. A woman as a wife feels that her life after marriage has been awful if her counterpart is someone like what we have stated above.

Courts are filled with cases filed by wives against their husband’s abuses. Even unmarried women have a complaint against men. The unmarried women feel insecure when men are around, the woman can’t move freely because men would harass them.

Look up in social media where unmarried young ladies have written their stories of being abused by men! Is this justifiable? Should women suffer because she is weak? And then you complain that woman is always complaining. Have a look at a woman’s life, it would be a bed of roses if abusive men weren’t there.

If you talk about Saudi Arabia, the life of the woman without abusive men would be very different and very relaxing. These women could walk freely without fear. These women could work freely and enjoy their lives. Their miseries would simply vanish.

But if you ask a Saudi woman if she would like to live in a world without men, they would certainly not agree to it. Because they want to lead a life with you, a life under your shelter and love! And this is what you shall provide to her.

If men start loving their wives, start caring for them and stop abusing them, they themselves would be leading a happy and healthy life without worries. Not all men are same, the majority of Saudi men are respecting and caring towards the woman.

Men need to understand that they are to protect women. It is the time they change their behavior and their image. Neither men can lead a life without woman nor can woman without men. When you are ought to live together, why not live happily. Saudi Arabia would become a great place, a piece of paradise without abusive men! Let’s change us for the better!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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