How to use SAPTCO smartcard?

SAPTCO, which is Saudi Arabia’s local mass transit service, is now only accepting electronic bus cards/smart cards for the purpose of payments. This is a new policy where instead of cash payments, you need to hold a bus card topped up with the balance to avail the transit services.

These smart cards are necessary if people want to enjoy intra-city local bus services.

How to get your SAPTCO smart card?

You can either ask the SAPTCO bus driver to issue you a SAPTCO smart card or head towards a SAPTCO vending machine which issues a smartcard.

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How to use the SAPTCO smartcard?

The SAPTCO smartcard can be used by swiping it over the SAPTCO reading machine.

The categories of SAPTCO smartcard & prices:

  1. A SAPTCO smartcard will cost you SR 10. It will have SR5 balance in it.
  2. A SAPTCO smartcard that is of SR 25 will have SR25 balance in it.
  3. A SAPTCO smartcard of SR 50, consumers can avail a balance of SR 55.
  4. A SAPTCO smartcard of SR 100 will have a balance of SR 120.

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How to get your SAPTCO smartcard recharged?

The SAPTCO smartcard is rechargeable and can be recharged from the SAPTCO bus driver or even the SAPTCO vending machine.

What is the cost of a trip at SAPTCO?

A single trip at SAPTCO will cost you SR 3.15.

How to use the Mobile App of SAPTCO?

To open the SAPTCO urban Transport Application, visit the play store and install the application named Urban Transport developed by SAPTCO team.

Open the Application and on the upper left corner select a menu (a button based on three lines).

Now select the option of Login. You will be asked to enter your phone number and enter a password. Once you enter the number, you shall be receiving a code via an SMS. You shall enter the code to proceed.

Now you shall create your own password.

You will be asked to create your profile where you shall enter your name and email ID. Click the “Update” button. Once your profile is ready, go to Home page and get your smart card activated.

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How to activate SAPTCO Smartcard?

  • Select the option of Smartcard operations.
  • Select the Query button.
  • Click “Add to favorites” option.
  • Enter a name and select “yes”.
  • Select the “online charge” option. Select the amount to recharge.
  • Select the “card statement” option.
  • You can check the usage of the card by selecting the usage button.

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