How to transfer balance from Lebara to Lebara?

Now you can easily transfer balance or share credit/load from one Lebara account to another one. We have explained the process below;

Transfer Lebara balance through a code

The first way to transfer load from one Lebara number to another Lebara account is to press the following code on your mobile screen and press the dial button.

  • *111*2*Lebara Number*Enter the Amount#
  • Example: *111*2*0576354785*20#
  • Service Fee: SR 0.50.

Transfer Lebara balance through a code

You will receive an SMS from Lebara confirming that the amount has been transferred to the number specified in the earlier process.

USSD Menu System

You can also transfer a balance from Lebara to Lebara by dialing the following code;

  • Dial the code *000#.
  • Write “2” to Transfer the Amount.
  • Enter the Mobile Number.
  • Enter the Amount to be transferred.
  • Service Fee: SR 0.50.

Transfer Lebara balance through a code

My Lebara Account

The third way to transfer amount from Lebara to Lebara is to visit the official website of Lebara or create your MyLebara account.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the My Services menu.
  • Select the Credit transfer option.
  • Enter the mobile number of the person you wish to transfer credit to.
  • Enter the amount.

That’s it, soon you will receive a message that your balance has been transferred.

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