How to study with RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Maths?

RS Aggarwal Solutions is one of the most helpful study materials for students who wish to score a centum. In this article, we are going to know about RS Aggarwal Solutions and how to use the study material to yield maximum benefits. It is important to note in RS Aggarwal Solutions, every chapter is given with a detailed explanation hence; students have no need to get confused while preparing. 

RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8 is constructed in ways that students can refer to the answers when they are working on understanding the concept\solution. Scholars have prepared the book from the beginning at a full-length covering all the solutions of NCERT Class 8 Maths. Whereas, in Chapter 1, the book exposes all the basic concepts of Rational numbers and the properties of rational numbers. By practicing with RS Aggarwal Math Solutions, you will gain confidence in getting results for any of the Maths problems from the book.

Now, let us look at the concept that RS Aggarwal Solutions covers for Class 8th. This chapter deals with the fundamental concepts of rational numbers. Whereas, exercise sums from this chapter mainly provide a brushing up of the properties of rational numbers that every student will learn in the chapter. As this chapter deals with the basic properties of rational numbers, students will get to focus on the properties from the exercise sums provided in the book. The basic properties of Rational Numbers are, 

  • Closure property
  • Commutative property
  • Associative property
  • Role of 1
  • Role of 0
  • Negative number
  • Reciprocal of the number
  • Distributive property. I.E. multiplication over addition for rational numbers)

RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Chapter 1 Ex 1.1 helps the students to practice about every property described above. Moreover, if you want to score high in Maths, you should practice all the questions from the RS Aggarwal book infinite times. 

What are those basic concepts from the Rational numbers chapter?

This chapter focuses on reviewing concepts related to rational numbers’ properties and well-established exercises for practicing. 

It is important to make a note of these concepts and mark them off as you finish learning the particular concept. 

  • Rational Numbers and properties of rational numbers
  • Representing rational numbers on the real line. 
  • The standard form of rational numbers
  • Addition of rational numbers
  • Subtraction of rational numbers
  • Multiplication of rational numbers
  • Division of rational numbers
  • Theory-related sums of rational numbers. 

By the end of this rational numbers chapter, multiple choices are given for students to understand how well they understood the topics. 

Now, let us dive deep into the topic and understand all the “expressions” that are given importance in the chapter “Rational Number”. 

  1. Equality of 2 Rational numbers:-

Two rational numbers “mn” and “ab” are described as equal, if: m = a & n = b, then mb = an. 

  1. Order of Rational numbers:-

If a rational number “ab” is said to be greater than “mn”, then an > bm 

  1. Adding and Subtracting of Rational numbers:-

If there are two rational numbers say “ab” and “mn” then 

Adding will get as follows, ab + mn = an + bmbn

For subtracting, ab – mn = an – bmbn 

  1. Multiplying Rational numbers:-

If there are two rational numbers named “ab” and “mn” then, multiplying will get as follows, 

ab x mn = acmn . An important thing to notice here is, if rational numbers are in a canonical form then, the product will be in a reducible fraction. 

  1. Dividing Rational numbers:-

A note is that for dividing rational numbers you have to multiply each of the rational numbers with one another reciprocally. For example,  

For dividing ab and mn, ab should be multiplied with nm

  1. Inverting numbers:-

In rational numbers, there are two inverses. They are, 

  • Additive inverse 
  • Multiplicative inverse

Additive and Multiplicative inverse are described below with an example,  

If a rational number “ab” is given, then the additive inverse is “-ab” 

Whereas the rational number “ab” is given, then the multiplicative inverse is “ba” 

Thereby, you can understand whatever topics are covered in the Rational numbers chapter. With this same strategy, it is advisable to cover up all the chapters that are required to complete for Class 8 Maths, with the help of the RS Aggarwal Solutions book.

Here are some common questions that arise about RS Aggarwal Solutions. 

  • RS Aggarwal a right book for Class 8 Maths exam preparation?

Scholars and experts have designed the topics with deep research as per the CBSE guidelines, hence it is suitable to prepare with this book. 

  • Best source for preparing for the Class 8 Maths examination?

RS Aggarwal Solutions is one of the most prominent study materials for the preparation of the final examination for Class 8. Class 8 students should follow this study material religiously. 

  • Important chapters to cover for Class 8 Maths?

As every chapter introduces a new concept for students, hence, all the chapters should be given equal importance. Whereas, few chapters are given higher weightage in terms of marks than other chapters. These chapters will provide your overall score on the final exam. 

Furthermore, it is appropriate to study fundamental chapters (even though given less importance) and then move on to the core chapters. This will greatly build up your understanding and stand strong with the base of every concept. With this, some topics are regarded as important as this will help every student to move towards their higher educational levels more confidently. They are Square & square roots, graphs, mensuration, quadrilaterals.


Hence, it is difficult to choose the right study materials for every CBSE student. Yet, RS Aggarwal Solutions is such a good point of view for Class 8 students. These concepts help the students to understand the chapters and concepts better. 

A potential piece of advice for Class 8 students is that it is essential to cover all the topics before the final exam. This will ensure that you are getting ready to face the exam and you have started the revision phase. 

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