How to Stop your Car if brakes are failed suddenly?

What happens when the brakes stop working? What is the biggest fear while driving a car? Well most of us might have different answers but the most fearsome thing would be to not be able to stop your car at your will, and what happens when the brakes stop working!

01-Don’t Panic: If the brakes stop working, then the first and foremost thing to do is NOT to panic. Remain calm, take your foot off the accelerator.

02-Turn off cruise control at first as the first remedy, (cruise control basically turns off when brakes are applied or clutch is pressed but turn it off manually in this case).

03-Analyze the Problem: Now evaluate the situation, if the brake pedal seems to be hard then immediately check if there is something stuck below it which is preventing it to move, if however, the pedal is soft and hits the floor then your brake cylinder might be faulty, in this case, you need to pump the brakes in order to build some braking pressure.

Immediately after pumping, apply the brakes so that you can make maximum use of the pressure built by pumping the brakes. This method can be applied even if the car is equipped with abs brakes without any worries. This method is quite effective as hydraulic brakes don’t often fail altogether.

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04-Shifting to low gear helps reduce the speed very effectively, this can be done for both automatic and manual transmissions. You need to keep downshifting gears one at a time, the car keeps gripping and reduces speed.

05-Emergency Brake: The emergency or parking brake can help slow down the vehicle but it must be applied carefully. As the parking brake stops the rear wheels, if it is applied suddenly, you can lose control of the car. This brake should be applied slowly and steadily while keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel.

06-Keep your Eyes on the Road: As you apply your techniques to slow down the car, keep your eyes on the road at all time and keep steering to avoid cars and pedestrians.

Keep warning the pedestrians and other drivers by keeping the hazard lights on and honking your horn as you approach or pass by, this warns the people that something is wrong with the car and they try to keep a distance and remain cautious.

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07-Steering your car sharply: If the road is empty and spacious then you have space to steer your car from side to side. Steering your car sharply from side to side increases the friction between the tires and road and helps reduce the speed. Be careful not to turn your car sharply at high speeds as this might cause your car to go out of control.

08-Use the surroundings to slow down your car, put your vehicle on a grassy path with small trees which has more friction and helps reduce speed. You can also try hitting the back of a car with the extreme car as to cause minimum damage or apply emergency brakes on a rough terrain for better grip to stop the vehicle.

09-Bump your Car: If all else fails, you have to crash your car in a way in which minimum damage occurs. Always look for bushy places with small trees which brings the car to a halt, else run over a curb but grip your steering wheel tight to avoid injury in such a case.

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