10 signs to spot a Magician

Living in this world, we often get to bump into the evil people. People who have a mask on their faces and it is not easy to recognize them. Among such people are the magicians. The ones who have the know-how of black magic and the ones who can pose harm to us.

However, it is very rare to know about them. They often disguised themselves as knowledgeable people who can help you out. They even have their personal setups where people can approach them to benefit from them. In such a case, you don’t know if you are approaching a magician or a Scholar.  Here is how you can spot a magician:

  1. He asks your name and your mother’s name

Many black magic implementations require not only your full name but the name of your mother as well. Beware of such people. The one who says that he will treat you after you tell them your name and the name of your mother is likely to be a magician who would cast a magical spell on you.

5218 10 signs spot a Magician 03

  1. Asks for you sweaty garment

If the person is asking that he needs your unwashed used clothes, then it is certain that he is a magician. No treatment based on Islam requires sweaty clothes.

5218 10 signs spot a Magician 04

  1. Asks you for bringing forth a specific kind of animal

If the person is saying that to cure you we need to sacrifice an animal which shall be specifically black for instance a black sheep, crow, roaster or so is a magician. It is also seen that magicians ask for bringing crow, sheep or hen’s feet, heart or other organs.

5218 10 signs spot a Magician 05

  1. A taweez which shan’t be opened

If the person gives you a taweez and asks you not to open it and to place I at a specific place: know that the person is a magician. Such taweez have Quranic verses that are changed, written with impurity or a simple taweez would be engraved with few numbers.

Wearing a taweez has no Islamic roots or significance. Quran is for guidance, not for wearing around the neck.

5218 10 signs spot a Magician 08

  1. Recites Unclear incantations

If the person says that you need to listen to certain surahs and starts reciting them, but intentionally makes them unclear than that person is a magician who is altering the verses.

  1. Gives you a special square

if you are given a paper on which a square is drawn and within that square there are lines, numbers and pentagon then he is a magician as there is no such concept in Islam for treatment.

5218 10 signs spot a Magician 02

  1. Ask you to sit in a dark room for 3-5 days

The person wants to get possessed so asks you to have social isolation for 3-5 days in a dark room.

  1. Not to touch water etc. for 3 days

not to touch water for three days, not even for wudu and cleaning, is another way to get you possessed with Jinns.

  1. Asks you to bury something

If he gives you something to bury it underground in the home or to burn in front of the gate.

5218 10 signs spot a Magician 01

  1. Claims to know the unseen

Informs you about your town, name or other information related to your past.

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