How To Save Money On Rental Cars?

In Dubai, rental cars are in high demand. Though there are several rental car agencies in the city, you may not get one you want at your convenience. Even if you are lucky to get one, the rental cost might increase because of various factors.

However, the good news is that there are several ways you can save money on a rental car. Careful planning is the need of the hour.

●     Book in advance

As mentioned earlier, rental cars are in high demand in Dubai. Since tourists and business travelers frequent the city, getting hold of rented cars can be a challenging task. Booking the car in advance is the solution. This way, you will get the car you want and get it at a fair price.

●     Avoid picking a car at the airport.

If you are coming by flight and need a pickup at the airport, booking a rental car in advance is the best way to go ahead. Though there are several rental cars available at the airport, they can be expensive.

●     Limit the add-ons

While renting a car, every additional requirement results in added cost. Do you really need the GPS when you have a smartphone? Can you manage with a borrowed baby car seat instead of hiring the same from the rental agency? Thinking smartly and limiting the add-ons help to save money.

●     Check the brand

The car’s brand can add up to its cost, though the basic functions are more or less the same. If you want to save money on the rental, it is best to compromise on the brand and go for a car from a less expensive brand.

●     Avail discount

The amount of discount you can avail of depends on the duration of the rental.  If you rent the car for a longer period, you can get a good amount as a discount. You can also check this monthly car rental service in Dubai

●     Be a loyal customer.

Most rental agencies provide special discounts and offers to loyal customers. If you are renting cars in Dubai for a while, try to stick to one agency. This way, you can avail of special discounts and privileges.

●     Check for bundle deals.

If you are a tourist coming to Dubai, you can check for bundle deals that cover hotel and car rental. The cost of renting a car as part of such deals will be less expensive than renting a car separately. 

●     Insurance

A very important factor that can add up the total rental cost is insurance. Most credit cards in Dubai offer auto insurance as an add-on. Thus, before availing insurance from the rental company, check with your credit card company about any auto insurance available. If your credit card offers the same, you need not pay extra to the rental company for insurance.

Besides, you can also check with other insurance companies outside the rental agency about their auto insurance and compare the cost.


Before finalizing a car rental agency, you should check with your friends or colleagues for reference. You can also do online research to determine which agency offers a better rate and excellent customer service.

Another factor to consider is the per-day rental rate. The per-day rental rate will be less if you hire the car for a week instead of a day or two. Your decision to rent a car should be based on all the above factors.

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