How to rent a car abroad?

Renting a car abroad is a good opportunity to see as many beautiful and interesting things in a new country without reference to the schedule of local transport. And for a large company, this is also a significant saving. You plan your own route, decide where and how long to stay in a particular place. Traveling by car is a great pleasure!

Is it worth renting a car during your vacation?

Absolutely, yes. Auto Tourism is the best way to get to know the country and have an interesting time during your vacation. By choosing the right car, your vacation will fly by unnoticed. For example, a Tesla car will be a good option for a comfortable trip. You can rent it in the company Evolve at the best prices: check for example tesla cars price in the UAE. Tesla models are equipped with a massive touch screen that allows you to control all processes and functions in one place. Explore the UAE and the world quickly and comfortably, contributing to the preservation of a green world and preserving it for the next generations! Evolve is the guarantor of your successful and unforgettable journey!

Advantages of traveling by car

  • Complete freedom of movement. You do not depend on guides, nor on transport.
  • Significant time savings. With the help of a car, you will be able to see much more than on public transport, thereby you will get more positive emotions and bright moments from your vacation.
  • The opportunity to visit the most interesting and deep places in the country or city. For those who do not know where to go, we recommend reading a selection of the best places to travel in the world.
  • You do not worry about your luggage, as it is always with you, in the trunk of the car.
  • Public transport is often more expensive than renting a car. So it’s also kind of a money saver.
  • Music in the car is a special pleasure during the trip: you can listen to music and sing along to your favorite artist. And a properly compiled playlist is the key to a good mood and a successful trip!

Documents required for car rental

  • International passport;
  • Driver’s license of the national sample; Your initials must be written in English. And also the categories of vehicles that you are allowed to drive must be indicated;
  • A printed voucher with the booking number (if you book through the website);
  • Visas;
  • Credit card.

A tourist over the age of 21 and with at least 1 year of driving experience can rent a car. Some companies may still charge an additional fee for non-compliance with age or seniority.

Please note that the higher the class of the car, the stricter the requirements will be for the tenant.

Types of insurance

There are three main types of insurance. They are usually included in the car rental price.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – car insurance against body damage in an accident. Damage to windows, wheels or interior is not counted here. The principle of operation of this insurance is quite simple. For example, if you have an accident, you do not pay the entire amount of damage, but only the deductible. The deductible is a predetermined amount that you will pay in the event of an accident. For example, the amount of the franchise is 500 euros. If the damage is caused in the amount of 200 euros, then you pay 200 euros. If the damage is 1000 euros, then you pay 500 euros, the remaining amount is covered by the insurance company.

Third Liability Protection (TLP) is an insurance that allows you to cover damage to other people’s cars.

Theft Insurance (TI) or Theft Protection (TP) — this type of insurance is required in case of car theft.

When to return the car

It is better to return the car before the end of the lease. If you are at least an hour late with the delivery of the car, the car rental company may require an additional payment for the whole day. The car must be returned with a full tank, and then ask to remove the lock from the credit card.

When renting or returning a car, get ready for queues. And don’t forget:

  • – сheck everything carefully;
  • – take pictures of the car from all sides;
  • – check the odometer readings and the amount of fuel.

Renting a car is the best solution for traveling, especially if you are traveling with a family and a large company.

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