How to update and print Al Rajhi ATM card online?

Al Rajhi bank offers a utility to update, renew, print, and activate your ATM card or Tahweel card online before or after its expiry using Self-Service KIOSK machines. 

How to print Al Rajhi ATM card?

In order to print an Al Rajhi Bank ATM Card or get a new one;

how to activate al rajhi atm card

  • Choose the language.
  • Enter your ATM PIN number.

how to print al rajhi atm card

  • Select the option “Print Al Rajhi Mada Card“.

how to get new atm card al rajhi bank

  • Click on “Renew/Replace Al Rajhi Mada Card“.

how to update al rajhi atm card online

The cost depends upon the time when you are printing the card;

  • 60 days before expiry: Free of Cost.
  • Replacement of the ATM: SR 31.5.

Al Rajhi ATM Card printing fee

  • Enter the verification code sent to your mobile.
  • Now, wait for the print of the ATM Card.

How to activate your Al Rajhi ATM Card?

In order to activate your Al Rajhi ATM card;

  • Go to any Al Rajhi ATM machine.
  • Insert your card into the machine.
  • The system will send you an SMS with a verification code.
  • Upon entering the OTP code sent to your mobile phone, you would be able to set the Al Rajhi ATM card password online.
  • That’s it, your ATM Card has been activated.

How to update Al Rajhi atm card online?

After the Iqama renewal, you need to update your bank account. Once the new Iqama is updated with Al Rajhi bank, your ATM card will automatically be updated. There is no need to separately update the Al Rajhi ATM card after the iqama renewal in Saudi Arabia. 

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