How to recharge STC Card through code?

There are different ways to recharge an STC card, but the most used method is dialing the Sawa Recharge code number on your mobile. In this article, we have explained 4 different ways to recharge your balance.

STC Card Recharge Code

STC Sawa card recharge code number

Sawa Recharge through Applications

The second way to recharge the STC card is to install their application on your mobile through PlayStore or iTunes.

  • Create the STC account using your number.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the recharge button.
  • If you have already bought an STC voucher, you can charge it here.
  • Otherwise, recharge the STC line using a debit or credit card.

Sawa Recharge through Applications

STC Top-Up through Helpline

The third way to recharge the STC card is to call their helpline at 1100 and follow the instructions there. Once required, you need to enter the Sawa card number there.

Sawa Recharge through SADAD

You can also recharge your STC prepaid line through SADAD. On your bank’s mobile application;

  • Click on the Payments tab.
  • Select “One-Time Payment“.
  • Click on “Telecom and Internet“.
  • Select “001 – STC“.
  • Enter your mobile number and the amount to recharge.


Is there a way to recharge the STC Internet?

People often ask if there is a way to recharge the Sawa Internet package or account, they also search for the STC net charge code number.

Well, there is no separate way to recharge your internet balance. After recharging your main account, you can subscribe to an internet package.

Can I pay the STC postpaid bill through STC Card?

Unfortunately, you cannot use an STC card to pay off your STC Postpaid bills. Recommended: How to pay the STC bill online?

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