How to know if ZamZam water is Real?

There are many different points where ZamZam water is for sale or even wholesale. However, recently there are many cases caught by the police where fake ZamZam water was sold by different people.

Now it raises a question, how to make sure that the ZamZam water you are buying is real

ZamZam Water from Haram

If you go to Haram, you can find coolers of ZamZam water at almost every place. You can drink it as much as you want there but these coolers are designed in such a way that you cannot take away ZamZam water in bulk quantity.

You should know that Zamzam water-filled in bottles from the Haram (Makkah or Madina) is 100% real as it is the responsibility of the government to fill these containers. 

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ZamZam Water from Grocery Stores

ZamZam water available at big grocery store chains such as HyperPanda and Lulu is 100% genuine as they procure it directly from the ZamZam factory.

ZamZam water bought at Jeddah Airport

There are shops in all terminals of Jeddah airport to sell ZamZam water at a minimal cost of SR 9. It includes the cost of packing and everything. They issue one ZamZam water bottle on one passport which means that they don’t deal in wholesale.

The ZamZam water available at these government-sponsored outlets is 100% real.

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ZamZam water bought from Hajj and Umrah Agents

Normally, Hajj and Umrah agents sell bottles of ZamZam water to the pilgrims. Most of the Hajj and Umrah agents make sure that they buy bottles from a reliable source like from the main factory as it is cost-effective for them.

If this is the case, I think there is no point to worry about it. The ZamZam water provided by you through the Umrah agent will be real Insha Allah!

ZamZam Distribution Center

If you have free time, you can visit the factory which is licensed to extract ZamZam water from the well. You can directly buy ZamZam water from King Abdullah ZamZam Distribution Center.

If you do so, obviously, it is 100% real. But again, it is difficult to carry a bottle from a remote location.

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ZamZam water bought from Hawkers

Sometimes you buy ZamZam water from different hawkers or shops near your home or even in Makkah. Now the question arises if the ZamZam water bought from such shops is real. 

There are many chances that the ZamZam water bought from these sources will be fake. I don’t say that the ZamZam water sold by them is always fake, but you cannot rely on them. So, personally, I would keep it as a last option.

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ZamZam water sold out of Saudi Arabia

If someone is selling ZamZam water anywhere out of Saudi Arabia whether it is a normal sale or wholesale, you should know that it is not real.

It is not allowed to export ZamZam water from Saudi Arabia for commercial purposes and the only source of ZamZam water is ZamZam well in Haram Makkah. 

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