How to make Saudi Champagne?

If you are looking for a Saudi Champagne recipe and ingredients to make it at home, we have explained it in detail.

What is Saudi Champagne?

Saudi Champagne is a drink made out of apple juice and soda, with certain other ingredients giving it the right uniqueness and taste. Don’t be confused with the word champagne as it does not have any alcoholic content.

Saudi Champagne is so famous in KSA, that you can find it in any of the Arabian, Turkish and Lebanese restaurants for a price of around SR 15/drink.

How to make Saudi Champagne?


Here are the Ingredients for the Saudi Champagne:

  • One Liter of apple juice (can be fresh or tinned).
  • Half a liter of sparkling water.
  • 330 ml of white soda (this is probably a tin of 7 up or sprite) can or 330 ml of White.
  • One thinly sliced apple.
  • One sliced orange.
  • mint leaves (as much as you like: a handful at maximum).
  • One Lemon (juiced).
  • Ice (at least one cube tray).

How to make it?/

Here is the recipe to make Saudi champagne once the ingredients are ready;

  • get a pitcher.
  • add sliced oranges, sliced apples, mint leaves, and lemon juice.
  • Then pour apple juice and ice.
  • Add in the sparkling water and soda.
  • Serve immediately as it should be chilled!
  • This recipe makes 7 glasses!

If you want to make it healthy, you can skip the soda and add sparkling water. 

Nutrition facts

This is calculated for each serving:

  • CALORIES: 109
  • TOTAL FAT: 0g
  • SODIUM: 11mg
  • FIBER: 2g
  • SUGAR: 22g

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