How to make 2021 Summer vacation safer and unforgettable?

The year 2020 was challenging, and there were no summer vacations for most people. However, with the outlook being more optimistic in 2021, you can enjoy a great holiday this year and make up for the one you lost last year. 

Summer vacation has always been a highlight of the year for most people, especially younger people. The sun is shining, and the spirit of fun is in the air. 

You still have to observe health guidelines and keep yourself and your loved ones safe while enjoying your summer vacation. That does not mean that you cannot have a fun and memorable summer vacation. 

The following are tips to make your 2021 summer vacation unforgettable and safer: 

Choose a Sparsely Populated Area

Summer is a time when almost everyone is on vacation, and most destinations will be packed, especially in light of 2020 when no one went on vacation. However, social distancing remains a priority, and the best way to keep a safe distance from other people is to go somewhere with as few people as possible. 

Therefore, you should make your 2021 summer vacation destination a sparsely populated area. You may have to consider options you previously ignored to find such a place. 

If you have to go to a resort, find one remote or one that meets your population requirement. It would be best to choose a location with a private cabin or cottage where you can still enjoy yourself without meeting many people. You should also participate in individual activities such as hiking and taking nature walks instead of group activities like partying. 

Explore Your Community/Locality

There are still places with travel restrictions worldwide, but it does not mean you cannot enjoy your summer vacation. The summer of 2021 may offer you an opportunity to enjoy local travel. 

Local travel may mean traveling within the country, but it could be even smaller than that. Choose somewhere in your state, city, or county that you have always wanted to explore and finally do it.

2021 is certainly not the time to plan long international summer trips. Some places will not accept foreign tourists, and those that do may charge an arm and a leg. 2021 is the perfect year for a domestic summer vacation.  

Private Travel

If you have to travel somewhere during the summer of 2021, you should opt for private travel. It will afford you and your loved ones the safety you require while still enjoying your summer. Private travel will be especially crucial this summer when you want to keep interactions to a minimum. 

What would take private travel up a level would be to hire a private jet. BitLux Travel is a private charter service where you can charter a private plane or helicopter. A private aircraft is not only safe, but it will make your 2021 summer vacation unforgettable. 

Road trips will be a popular choice this summer since most traditional summer vacation plans will be impossible. If you have to travel by road, an RV will be a particularly excellent choice. As long as you can find a good RV parking space, you won’t have to worry about accommodation and mingling with plenty of people.

Rent a Vacation Home

Hotels and resorts are likely to put a premium on their services this summer because they cannot pack their facilities to capacity as usual. They will also have stringent safety protocols due to the pandemic, which can dampen your summer vacation in 2021.

It would be best to rent a vacation home, giving you a lot more freedom than a hotel or a resort. Vacation homes have a unique characteristic of feeling like a home away from home, making them a safe alternative this summer.

You could also have a better experience by searching for rental properties with the amenities you want, be it a swimming pool, a fully stocked kitchen, or an open space for play. If you can find a vacation home near a lake or a mountain, you can still have a pretty memorable summer vacation in 2021. 


If you want to have a safe vacation this summer, you should ensure that you get the necessary vaccinations for yourself and your loved ones. It is especially so if you are a senior citizen or traveling with an aged relative. 

The vaccinations offer you increased protection against the Coronavirus, which is crucial if you will be out and about this summer. A vaccine does not mean that you can be reckless, and you should still take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, such as wearing a face mask and using alcohol-based sanitizers.

Outdoor Adventure

The best getaway for a summer vacation in 2021 is to go on an outdoor adventure. There has never been a better time to ditch the city and enjoy the great outdoors during summer. 

Urban vacations are plenty of fun, but they will be largely restricted this summer, reducing the capacity to enjoy them. You don’t have to go far to enjoy an outdoor adventure, even if you live in a large, crowded city. 

One idea for summer in 2021 would be to explore the various National Parks in the country. Since international travel is heavily limited, accommodation in national parks and their surroundings will be cheap and available this summer. You are also sure that national parks will not be crowded; hence you will be safe from the virus. 

Camping is another great idea for summer in 2021. You can select a variety of camping grounds across the country and tour them all. 

Given how much time we have spent indoors in the past year, spending time outdoors will offer a great reprieve. You are also more likely to enjoy more freedom outdoors than in the city. 

In conclusion, the summer of 2021 will be different from other summers before and will offer exciting opportunities to enjoy your vacation. The above are some ideas for memorable yet safe ways to enjoy your summer. Whatever you decide to do this summer, a vacation is a time to enjoy the company of friends and family outside the typical day-to-day routine, and that should be the priority. 

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