How to live with low income in Saudi Arabia?

A large majority of expats live with a very low income. Here is how they survive with less than SR 1,000 to SR 6,000 income.

Less than SR 1,000

  • Profession: Unskilled individuals, construction workers, cleaners, helpers, factory workers.

They live in company-provided shared accommodation, cook their food at home and sleep in common rooms. The facilities provided to them are below the basic level of human needs. They try to spend a few riyals and try to transfer everything they have back to their home countries.

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Range: SR 1,000 to SR 2,000

  • Profession: Skilled and semi-skilled workers, waiters, bellboys, steel fixers, carpenters, masons, painters.

Kenneth Anikpe, manages to earn around SR 1,000-2,000 per month. He is a Nigerian national who works as a cleaner in Dubai. Even with his low income, he is able to save around SR 5,00 per month.

According to him, he spends about SR250 a month upon food, SR 3,00 for living space, SR 150 for his utility bills and SR20 for the internet. He is saving more these months and has cut down his budget as he intends to marry this year.

Farooq Hussain, who is an Indian electrician, earns about the same and is supporting his family which is extended upon his parents, children, and wife.

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Range: SR 2,000 to SR 3,000

  • Profession: Chef, restaurant supervisors, foreman, mechanical technicians, junior chefs, and land surveyor.

Felix Gitonga, who have hailed from Kenya, and works as a mechanical engineer in Dubai, is well satisfied with his income. He also tends to support his four brothers. He pays the university fee of his youngest brother. He sends SR 800 per month to his family.

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Range: SR 3,000 to SR 4,000

  • Profession: Draughtsman, earthwork foreman, junior accountants, junior sales advisors, technicians, plumbers, and electricians.

Regina Victoria Lagapa, who is an aesthetician at a salon, comes from the Philippines. She has to send SR 500 per month to her parents and is also supporting her orphan niece. She has to pay SR 550 as accommodation fee, SR 250 for her food expenses and SR 160 on transportation.

5310 How to live with low income in Saudi Arabia 05

Range: SR 4,000 to SR 5,000

  • Profession: Store assistant, junior executive or administrator, document controller, male nurse, the officer of finance, accounts, and administration, retail sales executives, recruitment consultants

Mubashira A., who is an Indian expat working as a technician at a school lab is completely supporting her family of four. She now has a child of school-going age and she is managing his school expenses as well. Her husband is jobless for now and their savings are zero.

5310 How to live with low income in Saudi Arabia 06

Range: SR 5,000 – SR 6,000

  • Profession: Site surveyor, civil foreman, safety officer, survey engineer, quantity surveyor, draughtsman, store managers, sales and business development executives, senior recruitment consultants, and junior engineers.

Fatima works as an engineer in Abu Sarabi. She supports her two children who go to school. She sends back SR 1,000 a month.

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