How to Keep Yourself Safe on dangerous rides in Saudi Theme Parks?

Parks and fun places are exciting for children as they feel attracted towards thrilling and adventurous swings. Such areas are ideal for outing or hangout zones not only for children but for parents as well.

Anyhow parks and fun lands are not often too safe or secure for children and one should be careful enough to avoid any accident or unfavorable situation.

Parents or guardians should remain alerted to make the trip of children to park amusing and entertaining by following few tips;

01-Check whether rides and swings are safe: Parks have a different kind of rides and swing with specific age and height limits. Often rides look quite adventurous and attractive to kids and they insist on a try, guardians should take care of age feasibility with ride danger level.

Height rides are just open for an adult, still, young ones can enjoy the swings. Parents should keep in view safety measures of children while allowing them to have ridden on such risk rides.

02-Keep an eye on you kids: Keep your kids under your supervision constantly whether they are wandering in the park, having a ride on bumper cars or trying to convince you for action rides on heightened swings.

The ride operators are not free to take care of your children as their main concern is to operate the swing properly. Don’t lose sight of your child even for a single second especially in a crowd.

03-Let them aware and informed: Before entering the part, let you children know all possible risks they can face there along with safety exit plans. Ask them to gather at a common point in case they get lost in the crowd.

Also, tell them the risk associated with each ride and adventurous areas of the park. Awareness is the key to avoid many problems.

Ask them to keep calm and relaxed in case they face an unfavorable situation and try to approach safety room of park of the fun land area to get back to their parents or guardians.

04-Read instructions and safety measures carefully: Every amusement park and fun land have special instruction displayed on entrance and near ride areas.

Don’t miss safety rules and try to follow each practice carefully to avoid any incident. The normal set of instructions at any park comprises of following rules

05-Kids under the age of 4 years should be kept away from fun lands and high ride areas

06-Patients and pregnant women are not allowed to enjoy on high rides and curvy swings. People suffering from heart diseases, epilepsy, and mental problems should always stay apart

07-Don’t lose your belt while having a ride and keep it fastened to avoid any risk

08-Ride should only be enjoyed when ride operator is present in area

09-Don’t lose your belts until the operator instructs you to leave the ride

10-Food, drinks and smoking stuff should be kept away from ride areas.Riders should stay away from control panel, electrical cables adjacent and outlets of rides

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.