How to get Hajj Permit/Tasreeh on visit visa?

People, who come here on a family visit visa often ask how can they get a hajj permit/tasreeh? Can a visit visa holder perform Hajj? We have addressed both of these questions below.

Can a visit visa holder perform Hajj?

If you ask some people in your surroundings who have been living in Saudi Arabia for a long period of time, a few of them will tell you that a visit visa holder can perform Hajj while others would negate the fact. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple “yes” or “no”.

A wife who is a visit visa holder can perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia along with the husband who is an Iqama holder. On the other hand, a father, mother or children who are visit visa holders cannot perform Hajj through local hajj registration in Saudi Arabia. If they want to perform Hajj, they will have to go back to their country and enter Saudi Arabia on a Hajj visa. 

How to get Hajj Permit/Tasreeh on visit visa?

The procedure to get Hajj permit/tasreeh on a visit visa is in place since 2015 but not many people know about it. The first requirement is that the person who is applying should be in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Get Permission from the Jawazat

Before you book for the Hajj, you need to visit the Jawazat and inform them about the person who wants to get a Hajj permit/tasreeh to perform Hajj with you on a visit visa. You will have to convince the officer to allow you to perform Hajj together.

For example, the wife is in India and husband works here. How in the god's name she can perform hajj without a mahram. He cannot come on hajj visa because he is already a Saudi resident. This option was created specifically to handle such situations.

It is important to mention here that if you are not able to convince the Jawazat officer to get permission, you cannot move further. You can take the GRO of your company to facilitate you if you are not good at speaking Arabic.

  1. Book for Hajj

If the Jawazat officer is convinced, they will make an exception in their system with the border number under which the visit visa holder entered Saudi Arabia. Once they created an exception in their system, you can book hajj like any other resident.

Instead of entering Iqama number, you will use border number and visa issue date while booking. You will have to pay for the Hajj just like any other normal package.

  1. Get Hajj Permit/Tasreeh on visit visa

After making the payment of the fee, once the confirmation is received from the Ministry of Hajj, you will have to visit Jawazat again. Although residents can print their Hajj tasreeh through the Abshir system, visit visa holders will have to get their hajj permit from the Jawazat.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.