How to Get a Saudi Arabia Student Visa?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia might seem quite an exotic country to get a college degree. With cultural and religious peculiarities, this government is not the place for those who got used to wearing mini skirts, skinny, crop tops, etc. Meantime, Saudi Arabia invests a lot of money in the modernization of its educational system and strives to build a foreign student-friendly environment.

Experts from the online agency, specializing in academic paper assistance, custom essay writing help, and related services, often work with pupils and students from across the globe. So they are aware from experience about the aspects of various educational systems. In this post, these writers give practical recommendations for becoming a successful international student in Saudi Arabia.

A visa is a must for all foreign students except other representatives of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council): Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. 

Assistants from have figured out what documents you need to apply for a student visa.

  • Identification documents to prove your identity: a birth certificate, a photograph of the standard form, a passport.
  • Papers showing that you are really going to study in Saudi Arabia: an acceptance letter from the university or college.
  • A diploma confirming that you have finished high school.
  • Evidence of your healthy state: a medical report and laboratory results, signed by a licensed physician.
  • Proof of your good reputation and peaceful intentions: a police report with clean criminal records.
  • One can fill in the application form online or print it and write the information with a pen.

In addition, you need to pay for all visa fees. You can learn the details in the Saudi Arabia embassy of your country. Find their official website and ask all the questions online to save time. There are also professional private companies providing helpful consultations on this issue. 

The student visa to Saudi Arabia in the beginning of your captivating journey

It is a good idea to choose this country as a study destination, especially if you like engineering, science, medicine, as well as a hot climate and a warm sea. Besides, Saudi Arabia offers special scholarship programs for international students. 

This government has strict rules and behavioural norms built around the Muslim religion. Meantime, Islam is a welcoming culture, where guests are treated with honor. The only thing is to respect their attitudes and principles.

✓ Learn the language

Saudi Arabia creates favorable conditions for international students by teaching some Master’s degree programs in English. Yet, you need to know the Arabic language for everyday communication.

✓ Respect traditions

Firstly, it is about clothes. It is not necessary to order a hijab, yet cover your shoulders, belly, legs, etc. Saudis pray five times a day, that means they do not work. So, if you have to buy something in the mall, do not go there during these prayers.

✓ Be careful with picture-taking

Assistants from, providing writing help service, have noticed that you need permission to photograph people and objects.

Your college life in Saudi Arabia can become an exciting experience. Gather all the necessary documents and learn more about the culture of this country. With a friendly and tolerant attitude, you will live in harmony with Saudis and become a successful student. And, an expert writer from is always ready to help you with English assignments. This company implements orders on time, the prices are cheap, and the quality of assistance is top-notch. Its specialists can cope with any assignment starting from a college essay to a science research project.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.