10 Tricks and Tips to be attractive to women in Saudi Arabia

Why don’t women respond with Yes? Are you curious about the reason that whenever you want to ask a girl out she never say yes? Or the suave flirtation that you had planned didn’t go out that way? Maybe you are doing it wrong!!!

You need to learn to flirt first and to do that you need to watch the entire James bond (the most accomplished flirt!!-Sigh-) collection and read this little article regarding the mistakes that you might be doing or the things that you might not be doing.

Flirting is an Art: Flirting has always been called an art, and like every art, some are God gifted with it and some have to learn the hard way. It is like a language, which you have to practice before you become fluent if you are not a native. Here we present some mistakes which people normally do while flirting with girls.

01-DON’T GO FOR BODY TOUCHING TOO QUICKLY: Maintain a respectable distance; it’s your first date! Girls hate guys who are touching them at every chance they get.

Go gradually in this arena, it may take another date or two for you to get to the “First Base”. Keep your hands to yourself and indulge in some quality discussion about your common interests.

02-DON’T CAST GLANCES: When you have finally succeeded to go on the first date, the singularly stupid thing for you to do would be checking other girls out. Girls like their guys to pay them attention, not moving on the potential competition.

It will be better to keep your eyes to yourself and concentrate on the girl sitting in front of you for she is the reward of your hard work!

03-DON’T BE BLACK AND WHITE: It’s flirtation, not a business deal that requires logic and reasoning, like a person in real, does not require any reasons. You do not need to be dry and unemotional about the reason for liking her, being straightforward is not recommended either.

Girls just love a little intrigue and mystery, so provide it to her. And next time the girl you want to ask out ask for the reason just tell her in your most suave voice: let’s find them together!

04-DON’T MISTAKE THE PARTYING GIRLS: If she is partying with a bunch of girls, it does not mean she is yearning for the male company. Just like you guys get together, play video games and watch soccer; the girls also like to hang out with other girls.

They do not want to be disturbed during their relaxing time. By the way, you don’t want to go near them anyway at that time; they are mostly bitching about guys and gossiping (Smirk).

If you still want to ask her out, then follow her and gather information about her, discreetly of course.

05-DON’T BE TOO THANKFUL: Avoid being too thankful when she accepts your offer to hang out. It indicates low self-esteem. And like confidence, you should have an ample amount of self-esteem for the girl to like you.

Just tell her the time and leave her alone! Like overconfidence, extra self-esteem will turn into attitude will create a negative impact.

06-CONFIDENCE: You don’t need to be a nervous wreck if you are going to ask HER out! It’s a definite no-no and a huge turn off for a girl. Girls just love confident guys. That is why I gave the reference to James Bond!

Even if you are shy by nature, you can be confident. By the way, girls just adore shy guys, if they must up enough confidence to ask them out.

By confident I did not mean overconfident, girls hate like brash and overconfident winking and nose-tweaking guys. Who the heck do they think is anyway!

07-DON’T BE OVERCONFIDENT: As I have mentioned earlier, the more overconfident you are the higher will be the chances of her refusing your offer. Women have an internal radar which tweaks when a guy hit on them.

If you are over-confident it tweaks in the wrong direction. You must have watched a cartoon named Johnny Bravo in your childhood. He was a hunk, he had style but because of his overconfidence (especially his hey baby!), girls were always refusing him. So just curb your confidence a bit and ask her in a sophisticated way.

08-LOCATION: Before asking her out you have to plan everything to a T, even the place of your flirting. Locations always play a very important role in a relationship. The phrase ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ applies completely in this situation.

You don’t want to ask her out when she just came out of the classroom after taking a lousy exam. The first thing you must do is gauge her mood. If she is receptive then ask her out.

The chances of her saying “yes” will increase marginally if you tell her to meet you someplace pretty, for reference watch Twilight, when Edward tells Bella the truth.

09-BE SURE: You have to be very sure about her when you muster up the courage to ask her out. If you are unsure, this will pass on to her, making her unsure to accept your offer.

A bigger no-no is apologizing after asking her out, you just asked to go on a date not confess to a crime! There is nothing to apologize for. Asking a girl out is not spur of the moment decision; you have to be sure of the compatibility between you two. If you are unsure, then take some time and decide accordingly.

10-TIMING: As I have explained earlier that location and timing go hand in hand. You need to find that perfect time in which turning you down will be impossible.

You need to gauge her mood properly and if you are unfortunate enough to ask her out at the wrong time, do not stalk her and do not ask her for reasons because their might not be any! Just leave her be and she might ask YOU out!

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