How to Find the Right Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia?

So, you got an award-winning idea while grabbing a coffee in Starbucks. You luckily have the funding and are all-set to turning your idea into reality. But wait – do you have a mobile app development team?

In case you don’t have a team of adept developers at your beck and call, and time is important, you would look forward to hiring an external mobile app development company. Agree?

Though tech geeks from every corner of the world are in the mobile application development, it is a profitable deal to hire mobile app developers from Saudi Arabia. Wondering why so? The city, popularly known for offering citizenship to a humanoid Sophia and Saudi Vision 2030, is also a hub for enjoying exemplary app development services at the cheapest price.

If you look into the market, you will find that mobile app development companies in Saudi Arabia, UAE charge only $35/hr for the app idea. Whereas, companies in developed nations like the USA ask for $130/hr for the same app idea.

Now, as you know the perk of hiring a mobile app development company from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), are you looking forward to it? Before you begin, have a look at the following image.

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As you can see from this image, there are about 531 trillion results on Google, when you search for a mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia. With such an unimaginable range of options, it is quite difficult to pick a single app development agency. Right?

To ensure that you do not spend years in the market research or get into the claws of frauds, we will discuss various factors that you can consider while selecting the best app development firm in UAE.

Factors to determine the best mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia

1-Skills and Experience: To cut down the efforts, you might be ready to go with the first mobile app development agency you encounter with. However, this is not a nice practice for your business. To get the best deal, compare the companies based on their skills and experience. For example, if you are looking for an Android app development company in Saudi Arabia, go with a company having knowledge of Java, Kotlin, React Native, and other languages used for building the app.

Likewise, consider their experience in your particular industry. Every market/industry has its own set of trends and challenges. A company that has already worked in your niche industry will be well-versed with the barriers that would hinder their path. They will be familiar with the ways to prevent and deal with these challenges, saving your time, efforts, and funds.

2-Portfolio: Having a look at the portfolio is a nice way to see the creativity of the team. By observing the apps and trying them (if you get live links), you can experience how the app will look, and function. You can analyze the knowledge and efforts the mobile app development agency in Riyadh has put into the user experience. And this way, you can calculate how successful your application will become if you hire them.

3-Client Reference: While the portfolio showcases the technical skills of the mobile app developers, the clients will reveal the other side. By interacting with clients, you can get an insight regarding the quality, timely delivery, communication level, and other factors. So, ask for at least 2-3 references from the company.

Besides, don’t hesitate to double check the brand image in the market. Check for the app on reputed B2B research platforms like AppFutura, Clutch, and GoodFirms for better results.

4-Services: There are various application development companies in Riyadh that outsource a particular service, like designing or coding. Whereas, many mobile application development agencies offer the complete package of services – right from market research to design, coding, quality assurance, launch, and app marketing.

While it’s good to go with the second option to ensure top-notch, cost-effective services, it is also profitable to compare the cost with the services offered and then take the decision.

5-Team Size: The size of the team also plays a pivotal role in deciding the best mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia. Smaller the team, more time-consuming and challenging the development process will be. Likewise, the bigger the team, the more projects they’ll have in their daily bucket.

In such a situation, it is better to pick a mid-size agency so that your app idea gets the right attention and support.

6-Communication Mode: Though often overlooked, the communication level also plays a crucial role in this hunting process. A company that connects you frequently while developing the app will keep you acknowledged with every aspect of the development.

It will let you evaluate if you both are on the same page, or if you will get the expected quality at the stipulated time and cost. This is quite difficult to figure out in case of mobile app development companies that connect just at the beginning and end of the project.

7-Payment and Delivery Structure: Last but not the least, consider their pattern of delivering the project and getting the payments. Do they ask for the whole amount in advance, charge on an hourly basis, or split the payment structure into different milestones? Based on the option they deliver, prefer the one you are more convenient with.

Similarly, look into the project delivery scenario. Choose the mobile app development agency in the Middle East that delivers the app in different sprints instead of delivery as a whole at the end. The former approach will enable you to test the quality, time, and efforts of the team easily.

Plus, you can make changes in the existing process and keep your app abreast with the latest market trends. These two facilities are not possible to get with the latter approach.

What are you waiting for? Now, as you know the seven factors that can land the best app development agency at your door, what are you waiting for? Consider these factors and hire the right mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia.

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